How to Create the Ultimate Movie Lover Home

There is nothing wrong with taking pride in being a movie addict.  Watching movies is one of the best ways to spend an afternoon or a weekend after a tough week at work.  Movies is also terrific for hosting friends over at your place and for communicating since it is something that you probably have in common with most people.  If you are absolutely gaga about movies then it is time to show off your passion by creating the ultimate movie vibe for your home.

Hire an interior decorator

Most people find it hard to combine elements in their homes to create a themed vibe.  It is hard to see how your home can be transformed and it is hard to see the potential your home has when you are not that clued up on all the available products and decorations on the market.  By hiring an interior decorator you can get the ultimate film feel for your home.  You will also be increasing your property value because the mention of the fact that an interior decorator designed your home is enough to increase any homes value.  An interior decorator like Juan Pablo Molyneux is sure to bring out the ultimate luxurious film space for even the smallest or plainest of homes so you can enjoy your home more and have a home that anyone would love to talk about and spend time in.

How to Create the Ultimate Movie Lover Home

Add a mini home theatre to your home

What is a movie fanatic’s home without a home theatre?  You can ask your interior decorator to create a theatre realistic look for your TV room, complete with the raised seat rows and the big screen TV with surround sound so you and all of your guests can get that true movie feel.

Line your home with collectable posters

Movie posters are easy to come by and are a great way to add some color to your home.  Using posters for your home is also much more flexible than artwork because you can easily change the look of a room by simply changing the poster or you can add value to your home by investing in retro and vintage collectable movie posters.

Start a movie collection to one of your favorite movie sequels

A collection like Star Wars or the Lord of the Rings is bound to attract a lot of attention for your home and is a fun hobby that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

Add a popcorn and coffee bar to your home

A dedicated popcorn and coffee bar is terrific for general functionality of your home and for helping your guests enjoy their stay at your home that much more.

Create an outdoors movie area

A projector, a few comfortable seats and some outdoors speakers is all you need to create the ultimate outdoor movie night for your back yard.  You can host terrific BBQ sessions with friends and kids will absolutely love to camp out in the back yard while they enjoy movies all night long.

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