How to Keep Termites Away From Your Home

A termite infestation can be quite devastating.  These tiny creatures can easily hide away in your home and yard.  They are completely silent and their nests or signs are incredibly hard to spot.   Termites will eat any plant source including live trees or live plants and they love to devour their way through wood piles, compost heaps, wood decks and even your home. Before you even realize that you have termites your home could be covered in tiny holes or some of your plants and even trees could have fallen victim to these creatures.

Top ways to deal with a termite infestation

DIY home remedies – There are some DIY home remedies that you can try to keep your infestation intact but these DIY remedies are more of a means of control than an actual termination process.

  • You can set cardboard traps by laying cardboards around the yard and burn the termites when they get caught in the cardboards.
  • Coat a piece of wood in borax and place it near the infestation. The borax will kill off all termites that touch the wood.
  • Pour boiling water into their nests so you can burn out and down some termites.

DIY pesticides – There are quite a few pesticides available on the market that you can buy over the counter without the need of a permit.  These pesticides are relatively easy to spray around your home yourself.  The top pesticides include Termidor SC, Dominion, Baiting Systems, Termite Foam and more.  While these treatments are terrific they are not quite as good as a professional extermination service.

How to Keep Termites Away From Your Home

Professional fumigation – Professional fumigators or pest control companies will come out to your home and investigate the infestation you have. They will determine the extent of the infestation.  Once they have concluded the termite specie and once they have established the severity they will apply the needed extermination service. Professional treatments can involve the spray of termite repellent in and around your home but if your home itself is infested they will take extreme measures and get a termite tent assembled over your home. You can click here to find out more about termite extermination services.

How to keep termites out of your yard

Prevention is often better than after care.  It is incredibly hard to keep termites off your property because they are so difficult to spot in the first place.  Here are the top ways to prevent an infestation;

  • You should check your yard and home regularly for the signs that termites leaves behind.
  • Beneficial nematodes are worms that are sold at most garden stores. These worms are natural predators that attacks and destroys termite larvae. These worms then use the larvae for spawning.

Dig a groove around your home and around your yard and pour some rock salt into the groove.  The rock salt will kill off termites and help keep them out of your yard.  It is only a temporary solution and should be redone every now and then to keep them away.

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