How to Make Emotional Impact Through Videos

When it comes to making videos, you know that there is one thing that you should consider to be important and that is to evoke emotions from the viewers. The more emotions that you place on your videos, the more chances that people are actually going to do what you are asking them to do.

While most people know that trying to put emotions through videos is one of the best way to sell products and services, a lot of video enthusiasts do not know yet how exactly they can do it. Sometimes the products that they have to sell are completely unrelated to the emotion that they want viewers to feel but they have to make it work.

If you are a buyer and you are choosing a portable generator, will you actually choose one that is being promoted through a dramatic video? Sometimes the items are not exactly connected to emotional videos but they can work depending on who is watching. It would also depend on the person who is making the video.

How to Make Emotional Impact Through Videos

If you are the person assigned to create a video, how can you make it emotional? How can you make it good enough to make people act on the emotions that they will feel? Here are some tips to follow when making an emotional video:

  1. Know ahead of time what type of emotion you would like people to feel.

Do you want people to feel happy when they see the video? Do you want them to remember their parents or the people that they love? Do you want them to feel angry towards people who are causing the environment harm? You need to know what emotion you are going to trigger so you can create a video that will target that emotion.

  1. Know what your purpose is.

Do you want people to take notice of a certain product or service? If you want this, then you can always make people feel amused or excited towards a certain item. If you want them to change or to convert to using a new product, you can let them realize that they should desire for the best. You should tell them that switching to an entirely different product will make them smarter. Knowing your purpose will allow you to make the video that you want and need.

  1. Have the right characters to play on video.

The talents that you are going to hire should be good that they will be able to portray their roles well. If you would get actors that can barely deliver their lines, then you can expect that your video will be a failure.

  1. You need to have a great story.

This is the same with books and movies, the story should be good that it will cause people to become whimsical or to become emotional even for a while. The story should be easy to relate to and can be remembered well. Your viewers should hear the message of your story through the video that you are going to show.

You may need to test the video on a certain group of audience first before it can be approved to be shown to a bigger audience but if you are successful, and then you know that you have reached your goal.

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