How To Make Successful Videos

FILM PHOTOResearch has shown that the success of a video that you upload on the internet depends on the following factors: the topic, the spokesman, the location. If you have a great idea and want to raise interest, or there is a local issue that you want to raise awareness about, or you want to attract potential investors for you company, or if you simply saw something and want to do it yourself, you must address all these issues, in order to produce a video that not only be interesting for people to watch, thus raising your ‘views’ and statistics, but it can also help you establish a reputation online, or get funding for your project. The possibilities and outcomes of having a popular video online are endless, and considering that consumers nowadays are quick to judge, you must create a great video the first time, because you might never get a second chance. Let’s look at these in details.

The Topic

Whatever your video is, however long or short you want to make it, it will primarily raise interest if the topic that you are discussing is interesting, innovative and original. Though most people believe that all the great things have already been invented, so what you can do is just do the old things in a better way, having a great new idea of something that hasn’t been done before, will definitely bring you the popularity and the viewers you want. Putting an interesting twist on something that already exists can also work, as long as it is something original. Just copying someone else’s idea can raise your viewers immediately, but in the long run it is mostly unlikely that you will be able to retain them.

 The Spokesman

Sometimes in order to attract attention and consumer interest, you need someone to represent your idea and what you stand for. The first thing that you might think is – ok, let’s have a pretty girl narrate everything and be the main actress. While that can be applied in numerous cases, the key goal here is to consider your target audience. If you have an innovative breakthrough idea in science, then your target audience is in academia, professors and scientists, who have little interest who will be talking, as long as the idea is really worth their time. On the other hand, if you are trying to sell tires or want to upload some recipes videos, then you must really pay attention as to who will be the protagonist and what they will be wearing. Depending on your target audience and the theme of the video that you are filming, you might have to adjust your spokesman accordingly. For ideas, you can always check out other videos on the similar subject on the internet and see which ones are more popular.

 The Location

 The last component you need to make a successful video is the location where it will be filmed. Again, depending on the topic, the idea and the theme that the video will be discussing, it makes sense to film in one place or another. For example, if you are reviewing new products, it is best to film with a plane monochrome background, so all the attention will be paid to the items that you are discussing; the same applies to filming a make up tutorial – you need good lighting and least details on the background to emphasise what you are doing. However, in other cases it is best to film in a beautiful location with fantastic scenery, and this does not only apply to filming travel videos. For example filming next to a gorgeous lake, like the ones at, can help you not only to raise viewer interest, but also the popularity that you are seeking on the Internet. Location means a lot, and filming at the right one can bring you success, so choose wisely.


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