How to Prep Your Lawn for an Outdoors Big Screen Movie Night

Outdoors big screen movie nights are great fun.  You can invite all your friends and family over for a night of action, enjoy a barbecue and everyone’s kids can have a blast while cabining out in their mini tents for the night.  All you need for a good outdoors movie night is a beautiful lawn, a white sheet and a monitor.  It is time to give this fun backyard adventure a try.  Start improving your lawn right now so you can be ready for action when summer arrives.

Fill those holes & dents

Holes and dents in a lawn can cause terrible falls and look terrible.  Fill all of those holes and dents with good quality soil so your lawn will become level.

Give good compost

Good compost will help your lawn grow faster and more lusciously.  The compost will also give your lawn a brilliant green look that will make anyone want to join in on your big screen night.

How to Prep Your Lawn for an Outdoors Big Screen Movie Night

Don’t leave objects on your lawn

Leaving objects on your lawn will cause your lawn to get yellow patches or could even lead your grass to die in these spots because these areas won’t get sufficient sunlight. You should also never park on your lawn because vehicles leave dents in your lawn and cause your grass to die.

Water water water

Plenty of water is a must if you want a super thick, super fluffy lawn.  The best way to water your lawn is short periods on a daily or second daily basis.  Water drains into the depths of the earth which means pouring more water won’t do you much good if the roots cannot reach it.  Less water frequently is the best way to water your lawn.

Mow your lawn regularly

Your lawn needs to be mowed at least once a week.  You should get a good quality lawnmower that allows you to change the height of the trimmings.  You should also practice good lawn mowing techniques so you don’t end up damaging your lawn by cutting it too short for example.

Keep the edges trimmed

Trimmed edges provide the perfectly clean and shaped touch that your lawn needs.  On you can have a look at the top weed eaters that are currently on the market.  These eaters are specially designed to be durable, safe for use and effective.  You can get your edges trimmed in no time at all for a professional looking lawn.

Practice pest control

Ants and crickets can cause a lot of damage to your lawn and your movie night won’t be much fun if ants are biting everyone or climbing into all the snacks.  Your lawn needs to be treated for insects about every six months.

Ready to for action

Now that your lawn is taken great care off and looks great, it is time to arrange your fun movie night.  Send out the invitations, built those yummy movie snacks and stock up on the popcorn.  It is time to have a blast while enjoying some of the best movies under a starry night.

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