How to Stay Cool When Going Out For a Movie Date Night

The dating world can be scary if you are just starting out on the journey of getting to know someone.  There is so much that can go wrong during those first few dates and so many things you need to remember so you don’t end up making a fool of yourself.  On the first dates, everything you do and decide upon is a big deal because everything you suggest and do is being observed by your new date while she is trying to get to know you better.  It is important to keep your cool during these stressful times and especially during slip ups and unforeseen events so your new girl can find out who you truly are and not who you become when you are stressed.

How to Stay Cool When Going Out For a Movie Date Night

Why theatre dates are the best

When you are still figuring out what someone likes or dislikes you should try to do something casual or something that most people will enjoy.  A theatre night is the perfect date for getting to know someone for the first time because she can also have a say in the type of movies she enjoys and you can relax in front of a movie to break the ice a bit before you head off for a cup of coffee or a dinner.

Choose a smart-casual outfit

Your look is important because first impressions last and if you look good you feel a lot more confident and relaxed.  If you want a cool and casual vibe then you should try to put together a smart casual outfit.  Something that looks good enough for clubbing but casual enough for relaxing with friends.  A cool and chilled smart casual look will give the impression that you care about your look but are still laid back.

Arrive groomed

No one likes a sloppy date which means some grooming is essential especially for a first big date.  Get a nice haircut, shave a bit and show up well groomed.  Your new date will love the extra effort.

Fix your car’s air conditioner

A first date or a date with a new girl or friend is always stressful and goes hand in hand with a lot of sweating.  Ensure that your car’s air conditioner is fixed so you can look chilled and calm when you pick her up for the big night.  Car air conditioning Sunshine Coast can check and repair your air conditioner super easy and super affordably. And while you are there fixing your car’s air conditioner you can also get your wiring and electrical mechanisms checked out so you will be sure that your car won’t let you down on this important occasion.

Take your car to the carwash

A clean car gives a good impression of you.  If your car looks messy and dirty your date will think that you too are messy and dirty.  A good carwash is a must even if your date is arriving with own transportation because even you will feel better and more confident if you arrive in a clean and tidy way.

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