How Your Kids Can Enjoy a Luxury Movie Night without You

Movie nights are some of the most fun nights for kids.  They get to catch up with friends, enjoy a movie that they have been dying to see, eat lots of popcorn, drink lots of slush-puppies and have a blast.  Big screen movie nights are a great way to keep your child entertained and to keep them from doing stupid things out of boredom.   As your child gets older they will want to spend more alone time with friends.  It is sad to you but great for them because they discover themselves a lot better and they can enjoy their friends much more when there is no adult to supervise.  Here is how to plan your child’s solo movie night so they will be ultimately safe even though you are nowhere near by.

How Your Kids Can Enjoy a Luxury Movie Night without You

Plan everything ahead

When you have everything planned ahead, your child won’t get lost or confused along the way.  Book movie and snack tickets online, hire a nanny, get a transportation company and arrange for other activities such as meals and more before your child goes out.  That way you will have a good idea of when he or she is coming home and where to find them when you have an emergency.

Hire a nanny to accommodate them

If you simply cannot stand to let your child out all alone then hiring a nanny is a terrific idea.  The nanny can keep them safe on the movie night and your child can still have a blast even if you couldn’t find time off from work.

Consider LAX car service for transportation

MGCLS LAX Transportation is the best way to transport your child as safely as possible.  All of their chauffeurs have a minimum of four years driving experience and all their vehicles are always in terrific condition.  Your child will be ultimately safe for the journey.  You can make a quick online booking and have your booking ready in less than three minutes.  Your kids will enjoy the trip a lot because your child will be traveling in luxury vehicles like the 2015 Tesla or the 2015 Cadillac Escalade.  Heck, you can even hire an H2 Hummer Limousine and give your child and all his or her friends the thrill of a lifetime to celebrate a special event.

They can also explore after the movie is done

Movies are short.  Once the movie is done with, your child will want to spend some time with friends.  You should also make provision for this extra time so your child can make the most out of their movie night.  The LAZ Transporting Company can take them on a sightseeing trip through popular areas like Los Angeles, San Diego, Sant Barbara and much more.  If you aren’t that keen on your kids traveling by themselves just yet, then they can still have a blast by enjoying a restaurant meal or a bit of arcade fun when the movie is done.

Arrange for the return

Once the evening is done with, the LAX Car Service will transport your child back home, safely, securely and in complete style.

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