A Film Topic Favorite: Johnny Depp’s Best Movies

JOHNNY DEPPEvery woman loves Johnny Depp, he can make any women swoon. This is especially shown in movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Edward Scissor hands. In both these movies he is trying to sweep a girl off his feet. Another great on he played in is “What’s eating Gilbert Grape”, in this one he is very young and very attractive. But one scene that I really love is the scene where Edward Scissor Hands is cutting the trees into beautiful creatures and topiaries. An Arboreal specialist is someone that will trim trees and cut trees down. They can specialize in the art of decorating a tree into a beautiful animal or shape. But you should always use a qualified tree surgeon when cutting trees.

Many people have never seen trees so beautifully cut until watching that scene in Edward Scissor Hands. Ever since that scene more and more movies are adding tree’s that are decorated into different shapes and animals. Take for instance at Disney Land in Florida, when you walk in the gate the first topiary you see is of Mickey and Minnie standing made out of a tree. The movie Edward Scissor Hands really brought some interesting art to the topiary world.

Another movie that has awesome Johnny scenes is Blow. It’s not a well-known movie but it’s a very good movie. There is a lesson to learn behind Blow. That money doesn’t buy everything and once it’s gone it’s gone. Even though in the movie it shows that he made a lot of money, he also lost everything he ever cared for. His father dies, his daughter leaves him, his wife leaves him, his buddies set him up, and in the end he still ended up lonely in prison. Although his father wasn’t in prison per say he was in a sort of prison since his wife would take off for a few months then come crawling back making it hard for him to move on from her. But Johnny Depp’s character never accepted her apologies and avoided her.

In many movies Johnny Depp has played an outlaw, living life on the edge and fighting for freedoms. He has played a pirate, a drug exporter, a brother to an autistic kid, a monster with scissors for hands, a gangsta, and many more feature films. Other roles he has played are as voice overs for Rango, and Corpse Bride. One movie that just recently came out is Lone Ranger, which has had great reviews. These are just a few of his movies that he did pretty well in. Johnny Depp has character and imagination that runs deep and he knows just how to make his scenes the best ever. He can pick up on the characters story and turn it into real life events instead of fiction. So head on to Netflix and watch you some of that awesome movie magic that Johnny Depp brings to the big screen. Check out those movies I mentioned and see which ones attract you.

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