Let’s Talk About Energy | A Look at Energy in Documentary Film and Television

Most people understand the importance of energy in our world.  Whether it is expanding electricity into underdeveloped areas, or concerns about which forms of energy are used, the discussion of energy can be a contentious one.  If you are interested in seeing some of the best works in documentary film that dare to tackle the subject, consider the following for your future viewing pleasure.

The Future of Energy

The Future of Energy examines the flaws in our current methods of producing energy, such as the use of fossil fuels and other finite options that may have a negative impact on the environment, and discusses options that could provide a solution for a better future.  In order to create a sustainable future, the documentary features an analysis of the three largest alternative energy sources: wind, solar, and water.

The documentary includes a segment on the town of Greensburg, Kansas that was essentially destroyed by a tornado.  Instead of rebuilding with the old infrastructure as a guideline, the city created a way to operate the entire city on renewable wind energy.  It goes further by speaking to experts who believe that, with the proper effort, the world could be powered entirely by renewable sources by the year 2050.

Let’s Talk About Energy | A Look at Energy in Documentary Film and Television

Shock and Awe: The Story of Electricity

For those who want additional historical perspective on the issues surrounding the creation and use of electricity, Shock and Awe: The Story of Electricity, took a look back at how the mysteries of electricity were unlocked, and how harnessing its power effectively changed the world.

The three part series discusses how the use of electricity allowed the human race to develop in amazing ways, laying the foundation for the technological society we have today.  While this series does not focus on conservation specifically, it does introduce key points regarding how electricity become so integral to our daily lives.

Energy War

Energy War focuses on the political ramifications of our dependence on fossil fuels, and how this dependence has led to a variety of consequences in the geopolitical arena.  It then proceeds into an exploration of alternative energy sources, and how the world will be impact if alternatives are not developed in a quick enough fashion to avoid issues of scarcity.

How to Take Action

While the average household may not have the ability to instigate sweeping change right away, there are efforts we can all make to support the concepts of energy conservation.  Some of the easiest changes can be managed on almost any budget, and include making efforts to recycle and switching to more energy efficient appliances and lightbulbs.  Simply swapping the regular lightbulbs in your pendant lighting for LED bulbs can make a difference over the long run, and can leave to cost savings on your energy bill too.

For those who want to take it a step further, consider starting a small home vegetable garden to help feed your family.  You can even install rain barrels to help water your garden and regular lawn.

If you have the ability, you may choose to install solar panels on your home.  Not only can these be used to support the use of electricity in your own home, excess power may be able to be returned to the grid to power other homes, and leaving you with a nice cash bonus too.

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