Do your tastes in movies change dramatically as you age?

LIFE INSURANCE 2I’m not talking about the obvious changes like Muppets Take Manhattan or Toy Story. Actually, wait I am. I look at those movies differently than I did when I was younger, or in the fact of Toy Story I was older and think I enjoyed it in a different way than I would have if I’d of seen it when I was younger first. By the way, if you don’t remember Muppets Take Manhattan, this article isn’t geared toward you, but you’re welcome to follow along anyway!

I think they do change dramatically. Not just the obvious facts that you don’t go for the fairy tales in the same way as you did when you were younger, as you get older it’s not just the movies that change, it’s your way of looking at life. One way you look at it differently is maybe now instead of going to see the latest niche you’re into and that’s vampire and supernatural movies, you instead need to sit down before you see the movie and learn about age 40 cover. Yes, it’s time for the life insurance discussion. Actually, there’s not much you have to do when you click you find a hero that compares quotes for you and *gasp* actually answers your questions as well. So you’ve grown up a little. You thought the vampire thing was just a teenage fad until you fell in deep. Well, over 40 life insurance isn’t a fad, yet it’s something you need to take in just as much as your favorite movie genres as of late.

Watching movies such as series that grow with you often show that your taste is changing and so they change up the sequels to grow with you. The first Lord of the Rings in the original Trilogy differs in storyline changes and dialogue than the final chapter. It’s grown with you. Your tastes have evolved. Now, has your taste in genres changed through the ages? Such as do movies that you flocked to in your 20’s and 30’s differ from those you watch now in your 50’s and 60’s? Probably so. Probably the same way insurance offerings for those who are over their 60’s have changed from if they would have got into it in their 40’s.

Speaking of trilogies and people in their 40’s, the 2nd set of Star Wars trilogies (ep. I, ep. II, and ep. III), didn’t seem to have the same kind of mass mesmerizing effect that the original trilogy had. (ep. IV, ep. V. and ep. VI) Now they are working on a sequel to the originals, and having doing some thinking, will it be the same magic again with our old favorite characters? Can’t wait to see how this will pan out. I’m thinking that the old magic might come back to those who witnessed the original trilogy in the late 70’s and early 80’s by having bonded with that set the first time it was out. The thing back then was how many times did you go to the theatre to watch it? Can’t wait to see what fanfare this sequel will bring to the series and fans of yore.

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