Limestone Floors For A Classy and Cool Look

For the majority of outdoor floorings, brick, concrete or natural stone such as limestone is used. Natural stones are made even better for use if it is poured.

Pouring of stones like liquid limestone Perth is not usually made by most contractors. Yet, if it will be poured rather than the use of pavers, it can promise an even better looking finish and would only need minimal maintenance. Pavers can be another option for most homeowners. The thing with it is that it can be susceptible to develop cracks particularly in areas with high traffics. With this option, ants can also burrow the trails and weeds can even develop through. As with the alternative, liquid limestone can give greater ability to seal in the gaps that can prevent issues with ants and weeds. This will be dependent on the installation quality made to it as it can likewise minimize the episode of cracks.

Limestone Floors

Having that in mind, limestone is certainly a good choice when it comes to flooring needs. Usually, if flooring requires renovation, the common option to take would be granite, slate or travertine. However, if limestone is selected, you can ensure that you have the superior stone in hand as it has calcium because of the organic fossil deposits that it contains. In order to help you with the decision, below are the other things to expect from its use:

  • It requires low maintenance. Limestone does not have natural luster that other stones have. This quality of limestone is the same as travertine. Having this factor only means that there is no need for you to spend a fortune so as for the stone to be polish because scratches simply do not show up that much. Occasional cleaning would only require the use of water and mild detergent. Read more at—Discover-Why-Its-The-Number-1-Choice-Used-By-The-Professionals&id=6072240
  • Cool underfoot. Even during the summer months or hot days, limestone can maintain its low temperature. This is why, liquid limestone would be best to be installed in driveways or any other outdoor locations that you do not want to be heated.
  • Earthy and elegant look. If you are looking to have a natural design for your home, the use of natural stones like limestone can be very advantageous. With its simplicity and natural beauty, many truly love to use it.
  • Resistance to moisture quality. When compared to any other natural stones, limestone is a whole lot more compact hence, it is less porous. It is less likely to see any water damage if it is used on outdoor flooring. For indoor use, you can also have the benefit that it will last for a long time too.
  • Several varieties to choose from. There are different textures and colors of limestone even though it is mostly colored very light. You can find hues of dark grey and deep greens as well as cream and beige. The patterns for its texture can be cut as well yet it already looks pretty good on its original form.


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