Look Younger by Getting a Hair Transplant

Hair loss or premature balding is one of the biggest things that can affect your confidentiality.  There are millions of men and women who feel terribly shy about their balding heads.  They feel shy to come out into public, they feel shy to go out with friends and they feel shy when it comes to meeting new people.  Low confidence levels doesn’t just affect your personal relationships, it can also have a huge impact on your ability to excel in your job.  If you simply can’t accept that you are bolding balding or if you struggle to feel confident in life due to thinning hair then it is time to consider a hair transplant in Turkey.

What exactly is a hair transplant?

This medical procedure is done by a doctor in a medical firm.  A hair transplant is a surgical procedure in which healthy hair follicles from the back and side of the head is transplanted to bald and damaged areas of the head.  A hair transplant can take up to eight hours to perform since doctor’s work with microscopic follicles and have to be incredibly careful when it comes to selecting and relocating the hair follicles.  Hair transplants can be done for any part of your body but is mostly only done on your head and in men’s beard areas.

Look Younger by Getting a Hair Transplant

Who is suitable for hair transplants?

Anyone who is suffering from baldness or thinning hair due to genetics or due to scarring can benefit from hair transplants.  Hair transplants are suitable for men, women and even children who suffered injuries.  Only those who suffer from hairless due to other reasons such as stress or a certain medication should be wary because the procedure could be completely ineffective or counterproductive if the root of the problem isn’t eliminated at first.

Why hair transplants is the best option for baldness

During a hair transplant, your own healthy hair follicles are harvested and relocated to balding areas.  When your own hair is relocated the chances of survival for the follicle is 95%. When you use other products such as hair loss shampoo, hair loss supplements and laser massage treatments you aren’t very likely to see results and even those that do see results often lose the new hair when they discontinue use of the hair treatments.  With hair transplants you are much more likely to regrow your hair than with any other procedure and you stand a much better chance of getting permanent regrowth.

Other hair restoral procedures

It makes sense for you to want to try alternative treatments because hair transplants are quite expensive. Some of the top treatments for hair restoring include;

Hair loss shampoo – Some hair loss shampoos do work terrific but you only start experiencing regrowth after about three months of use and those who do use hair loss shampoo to restore their hair can easily lose their hair again when they discontinue use of the shampoo.

Hair loss supplements – Supplements can help with restoring your hair growth and with strengthening your hair but also needs a minimum of three months before results will be seen.

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