Making A Film? This Is How You Can Keep It Legal!

Making A Film? This Is How You Can Keep It Legal!

Making A Film? This Is How You Can Keep It Legal!

When you are in business, the best way you can keep doing it without any trouble is to meet all the legal requirements. When we talk about the filmmaking industry, there are some legal prerequisites you must meet.

Otherwise, you might end up in a situation where you have done more than half of your work but now it is all closed. Getting out of such troubles can cost you a lot. To help you keep your work trouble-free, pay attention to these tips and make your profession smooth for you.

  1. There is a license for royalty music. Keep a copy that with your video files and make sure you understand what’s written in it and how you can use it.
  2. If you are using clips from the copyrighted film, it should be cleared because you cannot use it without permission whether it is music or recognizable people in the clip.
  3. There are conditions if you are making a realistic film. You cannot make a product part of the story or make a camera stay on it for a while without permission.
  4. Using things without permission will get you in trouble. You better create your own thing if you couldn’t get permission.
  5. Oral permissions are just like no permission. So, better keep it in writing. Some are good with verbal on-camera permission but it is still better to have it in writing. Because the distributors might require it.
  6. Keep the alternatives in mind because you do not always get permission.
  7. You can film people in public places without their permission. It is legal but the same is not the case with private people. Distributors show concern over it and due to such reason, they often pass on the project.
  8. You cannot use a license plate, a street address and the name of an identifiable person in your film. For this very reason, many filmmakers just blur just kind of information. Your legal department should know about all this.
  9. When you are making a film/video, you need to understand the legal issues. Some filmmakers have an attorney hired who can help them make decisions for them. You can also find books by famous attorneys who have worked as intellectual property law or entertainment law attorneys.
  10. In case you are facing a lawsuit because someone put you in harm, make sure you do not get into a budget-trouble. Because some legal processes require a lot of money and they also demand your time. There are possibilities that you start spending most of your time running through those legal processes and your budget gets shackled. Meanwhile, your profession gets affected. How can you cope up with all this? You might be thinking of a way where you can get your money before resolution of the case. Well, this is possible as you can obtain a loan on your lawsuit.

Borrowing against your settlement would make it possible for you to get the best possible amount settlement amount. In order to get this loan, you would have to approach a funding company. They would look into your case and make an assessment of the amount you might get against the lawsuit. You can just stop waiting for the case to the end and get your money from a good funding company. The best part about this loan is, you won’t have to pay it back even if you lose the case. This is why it’s different from the bank loan.

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