Most interesting food-related films!

FOOD AND FILM PHOTOWith such an abundance of videos on the internet on various subjects that the mind can only imagine, there is an endless possibility of searches and things to watch, depending on your interests. This article is especially for foodies, looking to learn more about the science of gastronomy, best ways of cooking, unique recipes, or those by famous chefs and more. You can spend days just watching promotional, informational or educational material on one subject or another, yet, when it comes to finding something specific, like ‘how to grow plants indoors’, or ‘how to chop onions’ or ‘Gordon Ramsay’s pizza recipe’, it can take hours, finding the perfect result that will give clear information on your question. Youtube for example, lists similar search results in the right-hand side of the video that you are watching, yet, once you click on them, they can be something completely irrelevant. We have carried out a small research and came up with some of the most searched-for, interesting and exciting videos that are related to one of the most favorite topics of humanity – food!


With so many bakeries opening almost every day around the world, it is no surprise, that the how-to videos on cupcakes, various recipes, tips and tricks and decoration ideas are appearing on the internet with the same speed. While some people do it to promote the services and products that they offer on their website, such as online cupcake businesses, others do it for fun, and simply to teach others how to do things themselves, the so-called DIY tricks. There are home cooks, as well as chefs and business owners who show you how to make everything, from red velvet cupcakes, to themed decorations. These videos are exciting to watch, you can learn a lot, and there are various fun shows, such as the “Cupcake Wars” or “The Next Great Baker” that are popular because they are quite entertaining.

 Growing things

With recent studies showing people the ecological problems of the world and unknown information regarding pesticides, GM foods and more, many people are looking into ways of growing veggies and fruits at home. For those who have outdoor space, creating a small garden does not seem to pose a challenge, while others, who live in big cities, with accommodation issues, and lack of space, find different solutions. Videos on how to grow plants, vegetables, fruits and more at home, are teaching people how to take advantage of the limited space and install the best LED lights, the issue that is best addressed on this website. Not only can you learn about the options that you have, but you can also get numerous ideas on how you can utilize your own space and resources to ensure a healthy living.

 Famous chefs

In the recent decade we have witnessed how famous chefs, with Michelin stars and restaurants around the world, are turning into real celebrities. Not only are they talented in the culinary world, but they are also great TV hosts, presenters and actors. Some of the most popular videos on the Internet are the shows by Jamie Oliver, such as his renowned FoodTube that has gained millions of viewers especially so after his TED talk, Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery classes where he shows straightforward, clear cooking tips and tricks to create fantastic dishes, or even channels by culinary schools, like Le Cordon Bleu or the Culinary Institute of America. While you can also watch the chefs’ personal channels, there is also the option to follow such great competitions as Masterchef, IronChef, Hell’s Kitchen and more.

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