Zombies and werewolves and vampires, oh my!

PHLEBOTOMY AND MOVIESIt used to be lions and tigers and bears that brought out the “oh my” in Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz movie so long ago. Wonder what she’d say today? Times have changed to from the natural to the supernatural that draws people in these days. It’s almost become a fanatical craze, and I think saying almost is being quite generous. The largest age group being pulled into the supernatural is the 18-25 group. A group that is just out there now trying to find a career path to go down at this time. I highly doubt a zombie fan is going to be looking up ‘phlebotomy training near me’ on their favorite search engine being that you can’t draw blood from the zombies that can however draw one thing, and that is a crowd to the latest movie they are portraying the walking dead in.

I would however guess that those on the west coast who are obsessed with vampires and all that is blood to drink might be looking on their search engines for ‘some phlebotomy school in Los Angeles, California’ though. The next time I might have to get my blood drawn I might just have to crack a few jokes to make my phlebotomist laugh so I can make sure they don’t have any sharp canine teeth showing when the smile. That might make me a little uncomfortable before they go to take my blood.

What is it about the supernatural lately that seems to pack every seat in the movie theater full lately. They say what goes around comes around and this craze went down years ago when the original Dracula movie came out. Then came the zombies and mummies. Yes mummies, we’ve even had those movies as well too, surely definitely much different than the original.

Zombie movies such as the Resident Evil series broke the mold and went beyond trilogy it drew so many fans in. Not just fans of zombie movies, but fans of the Resident Evil games that they have out. Games that brought a whole new genre to gaming called survival horror. These games garnered such a following that they had to make a movie. The movie although not just a remake of a game but with the important aspects such as the T-Virus that “zombified” the world was so popular with game and movie fans that it called for a sequel. That sequel called for another one so it became a trilogy. It broke that mold with more movies with one even being brought to life in 3D form. Talk about feeding zombie fans.

When you think of movies with vampires that are very popular you have the Twilight series of movies that took over and brought out throngs of vampire fans of both new and old movies out to the masses and took over that genre. If you’re a fan of the supernatural you’re in for a ride as it has gone beyond movies to cable and even regular channel TV shows which have fans in great numbers such as Vampire Diaries. So fans of zombies and werewolves and vampires, enjoy your time because it looks like these genres are here for a while.


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