Music Theory – The Importance of Learning It

There are many musicians I have seen out there who only know how to play music instruments, but when told to play a written script, they become totally helpless. Learning music theory is important as it comes with many advantages, which we are going to take a look at in this article.

Music Theory – The Importance of Learning It

Understand How Music Works

The main reason for learning music theory is so that people can understand just how music works. They get to learn how the notes look when they are on a piece of paper, and not just look at them as funny symbols. They get to understand notes, scales, keys, and even the importance of playing with other musicians for those who wish to perform in things like orchestras. They learn how to perform in harmony with other musicians as they read from a script.

Write and Perform Accurately

People who learn music theory tend to become more creative, not only with their music, but also in their daily lives. They also learn to detect errors when other people are playing, or even errors in everyday life. This is especially good for children who are learning music theory, since it builds the foundation for their lives.

Independent Learning

Children who learn music theory develop a culture of independent learning without necessarily having to rely on teachers, since they can practice the music on their own. This, in the long run, makes them more confident in their abilities. Having learnt music theory means that they can be more confident when it comes to learning how to play multiple instruments.

Critical Reasoning Abilities

Students who learn music theory develop better critical reasoning abilities. They learn to think outside the box unlike the “monkey see, monkey do” kind of mindset. They learn to process a ton of information at once as well as time management. While in class learning music theory, the students also learn to relate with others, and put their thoughts into words.

Music Theory as a Foundation

Many of the musicians who have turned their music into a career started by learning music theory when they were kids. The music theory lessons were the foundations to their careers as musicians. It played a critical part of their goals.

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