Must-Haves for Your Beach Filmmaking Session

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Beach filmmaking sessions sure are fun to do. The beach offers lots of elements that help you create breathtaking film shoots while hardly even trying. Elements like gorgeous scenery, beautiful sandy white beaches, and crisp blue water always result in the best footage without the need for additional props such as backdrops.  

If you are shooting on the beach then there is however a few things that the actors and crew need to ease these types of sessions or to help everyone have even more fun. Here are a few must-haves you need to take along when you are filming on a beach; 

Aqua Socks 

It can be tough to move about on sandy beaches. Sand has a way of getting into your shoes and beaches can sometimes become scorching hot and can burn bare feet. Smart water shoes are an absolute must for the actors and the crew. These brilliant water socks are made of elastic materials for a snug fit around your feet. The anti-slip soles of these shoes keep you from slipping on rocks and protect your feet from the burning sand. These socks or shoes are a must whether you are having fun on the beach or going there to capture breathtaking footage for your films. 


It is important to stay hydrated when you are out and about in the hot sun. Lots of cool water is a must to tag along on your trip. 

Suntan Lotion 

Remember to apply tanning lotion before you go out. Sunscreen will protect your skin from sunburn or even cancer and will also result in a much better natural tan. 

Canopy for Shade 

Include items you can use to create shading. You can choose to get a canopy umbrella or a gazebo that you can pop up for some shade. Another brilliant, and often overlooked, idea for shading and wind protection is a dome tent. These tents are easy to assemble and will give your film crew lots of shading or can also act as a windbreaker to protect your filming gear. 

Folding Chairs 

Shoots always take a lot longer than you normally expect, especially if you are shooting on a beautiful beach with so many distractions. Remember to tag along a couple of light folding beach chairs to rest on. 

Waterproof Beach Blanket 

If you don’t like all of your beach and filming gear to get all sandy then this is an absolute must. A waterproof beach blanket can be pinned to the beach so the wind won’t blow it away. You will instantly have a sturdy surface where you can place all belongings without the risk of these items getting all sandy. 

Beach Towels 

Beach towels are a must to have with you whether you want to take a swim or simply need a surface for resting and tanning. 

Cool Snacks 

Chilled snacks like ice-cream or frozen snacks can help everyone stay refreshed and cool when filming on a hot and sunny beach. 

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