Never Look Down on Others

Although equality is something that is always constantly being emphasized on, it is something that isn’t always followed or even maintained in many places around the world. The recent occurrences around the world should be proof enough for that. Many people don’t even see someone who isn’t as socially privileged as them to be humans. They’re treated badly and looked down upon only because they’re socially inferior compared to someone else. That is something that we all need to be aware of and also something that we need to make an attempt at stopping, since this is a very serious issue.

Cases of violence upon domestic workers

People that are socially inferior are always looked down upon by either one group or another all around the world. However, there are places around the world where they aren’t just looked down upon, but they’re also mistreated and physically abused, to the point of being treated like animals and forced to work without an escape route.

Tragic stories as such are nothing new, and they surface every now and then to show other people just how much destruction and sadness the human civilization is capable of inflicting upon people who are helpless and have nowhere else to go.

Domestic Workers

Cases of violence and even rape are nothing new in Asia or even the Middle East, where people from 3rd world countries as such as Indonesia, Bangladesh, and other countries as such are taken to other affluent countries, such as the Middle East, to work as domestic workers. These people, who go to countries as such in the hopes for a better life and better income to help maintain their families, may think that they’ve found safe haven, but things change drastically for them once they’ve reached their destination.

Domestic workers aren’t just limited to occupations in construction sites, but they’re also helpers in households, and in many cases, working in other people’s houses is worse than working in the open air, although the abuse in neither case is better than the other. Read more ….

In many cases, their passports are taken away and they’re not returned to them, which leaves them with no means of escaping. Once that’s done, they’re also mistreated and give low pay, or in many cases, not paid at all, which makes their lives a living hell. They’re also beaten, sometimes severely, which has caused many of them to end up in hospitals or worse.

Such scenarios usually take place in countries as such as Taiwan or the Middle East because there is no worker protection there, and also because workers’ rights are not recognized there. That said, this isn’t the case everywhere else around the world. There are many places where workers are treated respectfully and given their promised wages.

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If you want to know more about abuse against domestic workers in different countries, read

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