Custom Fixie: The New Era of Bike Stunts

The bicycle is an excellent type of transport and a way of saving money. By riding bicycles, the person can easily pass traffic jams even at rush hours. It has several advantages such as saving time and money and a form of good exercise; all free of cost.

There are several words people use to categorize single speed bikes. These are boosters, brakeless, fixies, fixed gear and more. Regardless of the terms, art is the common denominator which best describe all of these. As a person, you have the freedom to express what you want in every part and design for a custom fixie. These bikes serves as mirror for personality of persons who owns it.

Nowadays, there are different types of fixed gear bikes available in the market place that bests suits an individual needs and type of personality. One can buy desired fixie within his or her budget as it is with commercial rates and affordable. A fixie is a bike without a freewheel. This does not require coasting and often without brakes. Whenever the bike is in motion, there is a continuous circling of the pedals making the rider pedaling always.

Benefits of Riding a Custom Fixie

  • Most suited for inner cities and urban areas where it is flat
  • Provide control, low maintenance, simplicity and reliability
  • Fits the rider’s personality

Reasons Why Custom Fixies are Popular

Custom Fixies are very popular these days. Here are some of the reasons why.

  • Unlimited customization. The bike is an extension of a person’s personality. If one decides to change how the bike looks, he or she can do it in an instance. One can change a bike design for multiple times and for as long as the owner wants.
  • Cheap price. An old bike can be converted to a fixie and just spending a little for modifications and customizations. If a person resorts to all new bike, a brand new fixie is budget friendly and affordable.
  • Light and Clean look. The fixie has light frames, less gears and thin tires. Sometimes, simplicity itself attracts potential buyers.
  • A trend. A trend has a chain reaction effect. If a person sees another person having the latest trend, one will go with the flow and will acquire it.

Use Custom Fixie for More Bike Stunts!

With its control and freewheel, one can easily create his signature stunts. Riding a custom fixie let one explore more bike stunts. There are two basic stunts with different variety. These are:

1. Wheelie – to lift the front wheel and ride the rear wheel

There are several types of wheelie:

  • 10 o clock Wheelie
  • 12 o Clock Wheelie
  • Can Can
  • CandyBar or Banana Split
  • Crossed Highchair wheelie
  • Fender Drag
  • Fender Grab
  • High Chair Wheelie
  • Lazy-E Boy Wheelie
  • Nac Nac
  • Nose Grab
  • One Handed Superman
  • One Handed
  • One legged side
  • Rear Peg
  • Sidesaddle Tank
  • Sidesaddle
  • Sit Down
  • Stand Up
  • Surfer-Boy
  • Tail Grab
  • Tank
  • Tony Shagdaddy Combo

2. Endo or Stoppie – to stop on the front wheel so the rear wheel is lifted in the air while balanced on the front tire.

  • Crossed-over
  • Crowning Endo or Cross up
  • Fender Grab
  • Rolling Endo
  • Skitch
  • Sloppy
  • Tail Grab
  • Tank
  • Weber
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