Organic Movie Snacks You Can Make Yourself

Movie nights are horrid for those who are on diet.  During a movie night everyone who joins in on the excitement will bring along a tasty snack or three.  Most of the snacks consumed during this event and especially during a movie marathon contains loads of sugar, starch and fats.  While you are enjoying your movie you can easily lose track of how much you are consuming and before you know it you are bursting full and your diet is ruined.  If you think that you have to give up your movie nights to be able to stick to your diet you couldn’t be more wrong.  Movie nights can actually be healthy to you if you start making your own organic snacks.

Organic Movie Snacks You Can Make Yourself

Top organic snacks you can make yourself

Often when you think about organic food the first thing that comes to mind is those cardboard health cookies that look and taste like they were actually meant to be bird food.  But your movie night snacks can actually be healthy and tasty if you only put in a little bit more effort in the creation of these snacks.  Here are the top organic snacks that you simply must give a try;

Organic cheese – If you have a good supplier of organic milk then it is time to give the cheese making business a try.  It is always great fun to learn a new skill and cheese making is super easy if you have one of Cheese Link’s cheese making kits.  The kits are super easy to use and you can create the healthiest and most toxin free cheeses possible.   There are plenty of different kits to choose from which will enable you to make different types of cheese such as fetta, cheddar, camembert, romano cheese and more.  By making your own cheeses you can also brag a bit more with your terrific skills when your guests arrive for the fun movie night.

Organic health teas – Health teas are a great alternative to coffee during the winter movie nights.  By making your own teas you can entertain those who doesn’t like coffee and you can also be much healthier since health teas that are made with Matcha Powder has some terrific health benefits to you such as an increased metabolism for boosted weight loss, a better digestive system, a boost in energy levels and much more.

Veggie cups with dip – Veggies can be tasty if you prepare them right.  Cut up some carrots, cucumbers, celery and other yummy veggies into veggie sticks and serve with a delicious sauce.  You can crunch away while you enjoy your movie without having to worry about gaining weight.

PopcornPopcorn is a great movie snack because even if you are eating an entire bucket of popcorn you are still only consuming a small handful of corn.  You can munch to your heart’s content and you will only have consumed a few calories as long as you stick to healthy popcorn that does not contain a lot of dips and caramels.

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