To be picky, or not to be, that is the question, well, that and when.

BEST MOVIESYou take the time to enjoy things that life has to offer. You think outside of the box. Even when it comes to movies. You’ve found yourself drawn into the fanfare of the onslaught of movies that come out this time of year over the summer and find yourself having a hard time to pick which one to go see. That’s not news to you though, you’ve always been quite picky. You want to make sure your hard earned money is well spent on a movie where you’ll get the most from it.

There are so many movies to choose from, and watching trailer commercials just make it worse because they are taking the best parts of the movie and putting it into 2 minutes, enough to pique your interest and draw you in. Thing is picking which one, because a trailer makes even the bad ones look good. Then again you remind yourself you’re picky and it’ll come down to picking the right movie.

You’re picky about a lot of things though, not just movies but you’ve even taken it to a personal level. You’re picky about keeping the environment green and are learning there are so many ways to do it. You even take it to a higher level, such as even you’re hair care. You want to use all naturals, and good organic products, it just seems like there’s so many out there to choose from and your picky nature isn’t helping matters out. You found a helpful place though, that listed all sorts of types of benefits so you could make a list of pros and cons and pick the perfect one for you.

If only it were that easy to pick a movie. They seem so expensive these days and you don’t like the feeling that you have when you leave a movie that you saw the best parts of already in the trailer commercial. You’ve already learned to stay away from Oscar pics until the verdicts are in because a nomination doesn’t necessarily mean a good movie in your book.

It’s also quite hard to do research on a movie to find out if you’re going to attend it or not. The reason being you’re not big on reading reviews whether professional or otherwise is that no matter how hard they try, something spoils it. Yes, when looking up a movie, there usually is a spoiler to be found. Some places warn your first not realizing the temptation to keep on reading. However, a lot of places do not warn you that there’s a spoiler on the way with a nice little spoiler alert. So you tend to avoid those places and I definitely don’t blame you.

So in the long run, being picky has its benefits and it’s struggles, but in the long run you wind up getting your money’s worth when it comes to picking a movie. You’re learning to get your money’s worth by trying to live a green lifestyle. It seems like being picky doesn’t hinder, it actually helps put you in the game right where you want to be.

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