There Needs to be a Popular Movie about How Inorganic Products can harm Us

Every week that goes by, it seems like the more we learn about how the products we are using are harming our bodies. Some people are suffering rashes, burns, and other harmful effects when they use certain skin care, cosmetic, food, deodorant products, or any other type of product that is inorganic. There are even some people who have been badly harmed by these products and are suffering major detrimental health effects because of them. However, it seems like there are many consumers that are still ignorant of the harm these products can cause. That is why there should be a movie about how inorganic products can harm us.

The thing is that a movie like this needs to be approached correctly. It shouldn’t be a movie that just bashes inorganic products and calls them “wrong.” If that is the strategy then the movie would be written off as a boring old film that is just trying to promote the left wing agenda. The film needs to take a more scientific approach to its subject matter to rise above the prejudices and get across its message.

harmful inorganic product

A movie like this needs to rely on well researched facts that back up any claims that are made by it. It doesn’t need to be another Supersize Me, and contain factual inaccuracies and methods that can’t be proven. If care is taken in this area, then experts would be willing to take it seriously and perhaps even get behind the methods that are suggested to fix the problem.

Subject matter is also an area where the film would need to be careful. Films like this almost have to be a documentary. If a film maker could swing this in some other way, that would be great, but something like this lends itself to the documentary genre. It would need to be careful not to be too touching and not to focus on too few people. A touching film is great and a little emotion can really get a point across, but if it is the only way you are trying to get a point across, many won’t take it seriously. It also needs to focus on enough subjects to get the point across that there are enough people harmed by Inorganic products that something should be done.

On the other end of the spectrum, the film needs to be careful about being too general. Some documentaries have the problem of being too general and fail to have the impact with the viewer that they are meant to have. Documentaries that are too general tend to be bland and are written off by the watcher.

A heavily advertised feature length movie like this probably has not been made or garnered much publicity because not only are filmmakers not sure how to approach this subject, but they might be stepping on the toes of the very sponsors that are willing to pay for their film. Someone who wants to make this film must stick to the guidelines in this article and be willing to take a risk. If they can do that, then they just might be able to strike cinematic gold.

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