Popular movies in 2012-2013

POPULAR MOVIESSo over the past two years many movies have come out that have made a big impact on teens and adults alike. Some of those movies feature unique views on the future of our world. Some tell a story of the past. Whatever story these movies are telling they are unique to the writer and the viewer. They add interesting entertainment and provide for great fight scenes.



The Hunger Games

Take Hunger Games for instance, in this movie they feature a teen that lives in a desolate section of the planet and in order for them to eat she has to hunt down rabbits with a bow and arrow. The only problems is that it’s illegal for her to hunt these animals and she has to go beyond her territories boundaries to do so. They also hold something called Hunger Games which is held by the rich people of the world and in this game they take two people from each territory and send them to a dome built with electronic scenes and features, the games rules are to hunt each other down until only one territory is left alive. So they are putting people against each other to kill for entertainment and the rich can choose who they sponsor and who they don’t. Each sponsored person is given tokens of necessary items from there sponsor’s and the one team that wins gets more food and support for their community when they return home. If you are not popular or sponsored you will not survive, the sponsored ones get tokens such as the best hunting knife for their task at hand.

The Hobbit

The Hobbit came out in 2012 and was the sequel to the Lord of the Rings. This is a long time classic novel about what times were like in the fantasy of our past. In fantasy there are many creatures that never truly existed but many wish they had. Take for instance the centaurs and the hobbits and the ogres, these are all creatures that resemble human beings but are actually a mixture of one part and another. In the Hobbit a wizard comes to the hobbit to request he join a team that are headed to fight a dragon for the rights to their castle. The journey begins kind of slow but along the way they face many challenges and have to fight to stay alive. They use many weapons to fight with such as bow and arrows, hunting knifes, and even swords. The movie is so magical with all the different characters and creatures and it makes us ask ourselves if we truly believe in such a world where these creatures could exist?

Jack and the Giant Slayer

In Jack and the Giant Slayer we learn that Jack in fact opened the portal to the giants because of the love of a princess. The giants eat bones and fight to control the earth down below their castle where the humans live. Jack has to fight for his love interest because the ones that are sent to fight for her and return her to the king are actually evil and try to control the giants with a magical ring that fits like a crown on the human’s heads. This crown give the wearer the power to control what the giants do. So the evil knight gets the crown and tries to control the giants and send them to the land down below to over through the kingdom, but Jack defeats him and gets the crown and then in the end he defeats the giants and wins the princesses heart.




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