Chase and Fulfill Your Dream of Making a Film

Point of view shooting can be hard as it is, but when you are trying to encapsulate some incredible adventures, it gets tough. What are adventures without some thrill and danger?It is the reason why POV shooting fails here. Especially when it comes to bike adventures, POV shots can be extremely dangerous to capture.

Do you keep your hands on the camera or the handles? However, it does not mean you should miss out filming such a great adventure. Let the world see what you see on your next great biking trip. You might end up capturing some amazing footage.

Here are a few tips to do it in a fun way:

Choose the Right Camera:

Choosing the right camera is theimperative part of any shot. However, for POV shooting your old mobile phone or handheld camcorder secured by tape won’t do you any favors. After a full day of blazing the trail, you will be left disappointed if your video does not come out as you hoped. A sturdy, but light camera with ultra HD is recommended to capture your adventures as they truly are. Make sure it is easy to use and is waterproof and dust resistant.

Ensure You Have a Secure Mounting:

Make certain your camera stays secure by using a proper and stable mounting system. Biking is never smooth, especially when done outdoors. This makes the camera shake a lot and you can even lose the camera. A helmet-mounted camera is the best for POV shots as it provides the audience with the first-hand view of the rider. Furthermore, you can add a chest-mounted gimbal or a rotor (which is a helmet mounted rod) to stabilize your shots. The rod helps you keep centered and stabilizes the shot while reducing shakiness. You just have to be careful on tight trails or turn where you could hit or damage the camera.

Choose the Right Gear:

Selecting the right camera is not the only important part. Having the right gear and the devices is also crucial to good footage. USB drives for backing up footage, helmet, gloves, jerseys etcetera are all essentials when going for a biking trip. Choosing a bike is a hard task. It depends on the terrain you will be filming and the amount of flexibility you require. One of the most popular bikes is the BMX bike. They are simple and have a wide variety. If you want to find out which bike is the best for you, you can use an online guide like ‘Bikes Reviewed’. They offer an in-depth review of all bikes and elaborate on which bike to use on what terrain. Whether you want to find a BMX for your kid or for racing, they have all the options covered.

They have BMX recommendations for all price ranges. In addition, they also provide a buyer’s guide to help you chose the right bike for yourself. They provide a list of biking gear like gloves, padding, helmets, armored jerseys etcetera that should be used with your bike or would be useful in your terrain.

Use a Good Camera Technique:

Find out which angles suit you and your terrain better. Make sure your camera is locked into position and that it is secured. Otherwise, it might capture videos of the dirt or the sky. It is recommended to make sure your camera position is flexible and you can easily change angles. It would be better to take a test shot before the actual shot to know what you are getting into and where to improve. POV shots can provide your viewers with a thrilling adventure when done properly.

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