Over a hundred movies about radiation? Why is radiation so popular in movies?

radiationNow don’t let’s get started by saying well there’s 100 times more than that about romance movies out there. That’s a given. We’re talking radiation here. Not the first topic that comes to mind when you’re thinking of hit movies. To be honest, very few were hits and you might even be hard pressed to think of any right off hand instantly. There have been a few though, albeit it when you hear radiation you think swamp thing and Godzilla and anything that creates a monster from it. There have been movies that walked a fine line and brought it to us that radiation doesn’t automatically mean monsters. Think of movies such as The Sum of all Fears and even Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Elysium as of late too was radiation filled movie time. Even Bond took a taste of radiation in 1985’s A View to a Kill. After browsing it was easy to see that radiation is a hot topic.

It’s changed over the years. The majority of old school 50’s – 70’s had to do with radiation poisoning turning humans into giants or lizards into monsters. As of late, radiation movies have more to do with nuclear holocaust incidents. When you get right down into it, radiation can make for a good story line coming at you from many different angles. These types of movies were a big thing back in the day and then quietly disappeared for a while and now are coming back with a vengeance. Nuclear type movies intertwined with covert operations is a good place to start. Then the list hits you and you see that radiation isn’t something to just be fooled with to make giant lizards out of them. It’s the real deal.

Not everyone can deal with radiation either. It’s not just an elective course at school. They have schools dedicated to radiation therapy. Radiation therapists are needed and are a good paying job as there is a lot entailed in the constantly changing field. From MRI’s to chemo and more, it’s not just “put on a lead apron and let me snap a picture of your leg” X-rays anymore. It’s deep and involved and a field that is catching the eye of young students wanting to help make a dent in this constantly evolving field.

Don’t believe me? Check out http://radiationtherapyschoolshq.com/ and see exactly what there is involved and what kind of salary can be made at this job. First of all though, look at the help you can provide people who need a radiation therapist and their skills to help them with their varied situations.

Movies about radiation are back and not just talking The Incredible Shrinking Man type. There is more sci-fi come to reality being shown in movies that have radiation type themes to them these days. Things that were thought of as novelties a few decades ago have surfaced as realities today. Check them out and you’ll see.

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