Read This Before Buying a Food Dehydrator

The device food dehydration has been in existence since time in memorial. Before, our ancestors would dry the food outdoors and have it dry through direct exposure from the sun. Thanks to the modern technology that the process has been improved. We can now make the process in a simple and safe way through the help of food dehydrators. Just like any other device in the market, dehydrators are not created equally. It varies in shapes, features and price. The composter reviews can also differ.

Below, you will find some elements of food dehydrators that you should look into just before you decide to get your own for your home. Read more at

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Air Flow

You can tell that the food dehydrator is working at its best if there is un-impeded air flow from one end to the other. It means that the air flow can be vertical or going up and the other us horizontally. As for most experts, they said that the best one to select is horizontal flow of air. Remember that this pattern flow throughout the unit is just like putting the food slices going back or from the front.

Food Odor Mixing

With the horizontal dehydrator, the flow of air helps keep the odors to be contained in the direct tray area. On the other hand, the vertical type should have frequent changes of tray so as to prevent mixing of the air flow. No matter which you would select, both of such can work well for different herbs, fruits and vegetables.


No matter which device you have, cleaning and maintenance is definitely a must for any sort of equipment. This can help it to maintain the built for longer shelf life. The same thing goes for food dehydrators. Even though food dehydrators may sound like a complicated device, luckily, it is easy to clean. If the cleaning process is done the right way, it will not be very dirty to begin with. Keep in mind that all trays of the device are washable, porous and only require soap and water. There can be pieces that will fall from the bottom part of the unit. It can be cleaned by way of scooping using a rag. Ensure that the bits and pieces of the debris are removed from the heating elements if it is exposed.

With the above information that can somehow be beneficial in terms of buying the food dehydrators, it can also be ideal to read some food dehydrator reviews that you can find online. This implies that before you go ahead and shop, you may want to take some time first to read and make research of the device that you will get. There are several forums and community boards such as ecokarma that you can found by just typing the keyword in the search engines. With such, you can ensure that you will have real feedbacks from actual users. The reviews can help you decide which among the too many options in the market to buy that will suit for your unique preference.

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