Shoot Better Videos with the Use of Your IPhone

There is a chance that you are at an event and you would like to take videos but then the only gadget that you have with you is your iPhone. Do not worry because as long as you know how you can take videos like a pro then you will not have any problem. Another thing to think about though is that your iPhone should be working well. This means that you should not have any issues with the buttons and of course, the screen. If you have screen problems, do not wait any longer, have iPhone screen replacement now and you can proceed with learning how you can shoot great videos with your iPhone:

Have A Steady Hand

One of the main reasons why videos are hard to play and view is because when you were taking it, you were jumping up and down or running all over the place. In order to make a video well and to make sure that it is not nauseating to watch, keep your hands steady. You can use your elbows to make a makeshift counter for your hands and your phone.

Shoot Better Videos

The Focus Button Is There for a Reason

You should know that the focus button has a purpose and that is to make sure that the gadget will know where it should focus on to make the whole picture sharp and clear. Do remember that you can also change the focus button from time to time depending on what you are currently shooting.

Make it Horizontal

Just imagine trying to watch a video that is obviously taken from a smartphone camera. It can be a bit hard because the dimensions are all wrong. Shoot the video that you are going to take horizontally. This simple switch will make a whole lot of difference.

Have Enough Light

It will be hard to watch a video wherein almost all the frames are engulfed in darkness. It will be best if you would make sure that there is an ample amount of light on the videos that you are going to shoot. The better the lighting, the better the video is going to look as well.

Frame the Video Correctly

If you are going to take a video of the person, it will not be a good idea to try shooting from the ground up. It will only make people look bad because most people do not look good in that angle. If you would shoot eye level, this will make people resemble their normal selves more. It will also make the whole video easier to watch.

Based on the various tips that are mentioned above, it will be easier for you to take videos with the use of your iPhone.  Having a video editing application downloaded on your phone can be a great idea too since this will help improve not only the quality of your video but the story that your video is trying to convey to the watchers. Get to try a great video editing application here.

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