Skateboarding’s Most Challenging Tricks

Most experienced skateboarders are aware that successfully landing medium-to-advanced skateboarding tricks will instantly capture the attention of even the most unassuming onlookers and passers-by. Herein lies a large part of the draw of skateboarding; constantly challenging yourself with more difficult, intricate and flamboyant moves. Even for beginners, learning some of the most basic tricks can help catch people’s eye, while also helping to gain an appreciation for the difficulty of the more challenging aspects of skateboarding.

Before getting into some of skateboardings more advanced maneuvers, the first thing to become comfortable with is the Ollie. This is a common trick that begins with the rider crouching low, before springing into the air. As the rider jumps, they t press down on the back of the board, causing it to hit the ground and raise the front, resulting in a “jump” of both board and rider. The Ollie is a good place to start if you are interested in developing an arsenal of tricks.

skateboarding tricks

There is a variation of the Ollie, the Ollie 360 nosedive, that adds a full rotation and grind to the standard ollie, truly making it a high-level trick. In order to accomplish this tricks, you will have to learn how to effectively shift your body weight to specific parts of the skateboard when you are landing in order to be able to complete the proper rotations.

Another skateboarding trick that is really difficult to master is known as the 900. This trick was completed in 1999 by Tony Hawk, who even had a patent on it, but even he had a lot of difficulties performing it during competitions. In fact, Tony Hawk attempted to perform this trick 11 times before being able to do it successfully at the 1999 X Games.

One of the most difficult tricks in skateboarding is known as the Triple 360 flip. This trick has only been accomplished by a few people and takes years of practice in order to master. While many people have tried to accomplish this trick, they find that they will suffer from accidents and injuries many times over before they gain any success.

For the most part, these difficult tricks will only be performed when the skateboarder is in a competition in order to impress the judges and keep their scores high. While some people may try to do this for fun at the skate park, many of them are truly difficult and should be left to the professionals to complete. Heading to Skateboard Express and purchasing a board won’t guarantee that you’ll be able to perform like the pros, but with a bit of practice you’ll be on your way.

These are just a few of the skateboard tricks that you can try out that will challenge you due to their difficulty level, but it is always advisable to start simple and work your way up. In addition, its always worth being on the lookout for new skateboarding moves, which can help you to have even more fun, and to push you even further in this sport.

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