Some of the Best 3D Movies of All Time

3D movies are probably one of greatest inventions to date, bringing favorite stories to life with no problem whatsoever. Here are some of the best of these 3D films:

  • Pacific Rim

With larger-than-life good and bad characters, this movie feels as if it was made to be enjoyed in 3D. Not only is the concept of the movie commendable, the action is top-notch as well. As a matter of fact, with a pair of 3D glasses on, you would be thrilled to be part of all the action going on in this movie.

  • A Christmas Carol

The story of this movie is set during the night-time, which means plenty of dark scenes are included. A classic story read by countless Charles Dickens fans, this movie would have been a failure if its 3D version did not live up to our expectations. Fortunately, the depth of this 3D film is impeccable, even though most of the scenes were of the darkness of the night-time.

  • Resident Evil: Retribution 3D

Everybody knows about this killer franchise, with a female character ripping her way through zombies in each part. This 3D-shot film will no doubt satiate you if you have always yearned to be a part of a zombie apocalypse.

  • Avatar

The hype with 3D movies started with Avatar, coming to be what it is today. A brilliant plot and stunning special effects made Avatar one of the best movies, about six years ago.

  • Gravity

Imagine being able to see what is out there in space without even having to go there? Gravity was a critically acclaimed movie that did just that for all its 3D viewers. After all, you do not see Sandra Bullock float in space all day, do you?

  • Tron: Legacy

A sequel of some sorts to the classic from the 1980s, Tron is for you if you want some eye candy with exceptional visual effects to keep you entranced throughout the movie. Additionally, it does not hurt to say that the movie grabbed the attention of viewers, quite well.

Best 3D Movies

  • Walking With Dinosaurs

Like the name suggests, this movie is about dinosaurs that does well to grab the love and attention of children and adults alike. It is a pop out, which means that if you saw a dinosaur walk forward, you would feel as they are coming your way.

  • Life of Pi

A winner of four Academy Awards, this mind-boggling movie will keep you on the edge of your seat. The story was well-received and made way to permanently embed into the minds of its viewers.

Just as it is crucial to be able to see with both eyes to enjoy various 3D movies, it is also necessary that you remember to not rely on such movies at all times. Many experts have dug up research results that show that excessive 3D viewing could lead to certain vision problems. If you are someone who lives and breathes 3D films, it would be wise to get an eye exam, Austin, Texas.

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