Spreading Awareness about Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is not that uncommon and is something that most people are at a risk of getting, all because of the amount of exposure to the sun that they get. It is extremely important to try and shield yourself from the harmful UV rays, and to encourage our children and loved ones to do so too. If you know someone who has suffered from skin cancer or is at a risk of suffering from it, then this topic is something that is very personal to you, and you should know the importance of spreading awareness. For those that still wish to add some pigment to their natural skin tone without being subjected to the harmful effects of the sun, they can always try Melanotan 2.

Spreading Awareness about Skin Cancer

Spreading awareness through the social media

Everyone has a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media website’s account nowadays. As the world has become more and more connected nowadays, it has become even easier to spread awareness about serious issues, skin cancer in this case.

A frequent tanner had even posted a selfie after she had to receive skin cancer treatments due to the constant exposure to UV rays. This selfie was regarded as a cautionary sign of the dangers that tanning beds or sun exposure can cause you. No matter what anyone else may say about tanning beds, doctors have always clearly stated that unless they’re needed for medical purposes, it is unnecessary.

Sun burns, which can easily be caused by tanning beds, increase the risk of one getting skin cancer. The selfie that was posted has acted like a wakeup call for many people that have been carelessly exposing their skin to serious danger.

It has been said by the Academy of Dermatology in America that every one American out of five will have to fight skin cancer throughout their lives. That is an alarming number of people, and if you don’t want to be that one, you need to take precaution accordingly.

If you want to learn more about this, check out http://fox4kc.com/2015/05/13/skin-cancer-selfie-spreads-awareness-in-metro/

Other solutions

No matter how much people have been cautioned, some would still want a pigmented skin and would do anything to achieve that. That is the reason why alternatives to exposing yourself to life threatening dangers have been found. Melanotan in an excellent replacement for tanning beds or sunbathing, as it is safe and does not require one to expose themselves to the sun in order to achieve that beautiful summer tan.

Additionally, the effect of Melanotan lasts much longer and shows effect a lot faster than traditional tanning methods do. All you have to do is inject a small dosage of Melanotan under your skin, and if you want a darker pigmentation, you can always continue adding small doses until you’re satisfied with the results. You require absolutely no exposure to the sun and will be able to sport your beautiful and long-lasting tan to the world in no time!

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