Stunt Doubles in Movies

STUNT DOUBLEMovies play important parts in our lives. We watch them when we are happy, we watch them when we are sad, we pretty much watch them all the time. They are a staple to everyday life. That is why the movie industry is a huge businesses. Children will even try to get by with a book report without reading the book by watching the movie associated with the book, but not all movies tell the whole story.

Producers are tasked with the problem of rewriting the books chapters to fit into the time allotted for a movie. Some stuff will get discarded and some stuff will be made more film friendly so that the movie goers will be drawn in more. This can make it difficult to write an accurate book report on a book if all you see is the movie that is why they also sell cliff notes for each book. Cliff notes are the shortened, get to the point version of a book for students that aren’t interested in reading the whole book, they can be very helpful in writing a book report without reading the whole book.

There are many movies about different fitness themes such as dancing, running, wrestling, boxing, and so much more. Each actor trains differently for their fitness scenes, some even use stunt doubles. For instance if your have to do a scene about running long distances and you choose to do your own scenes one way to train is to get a running machine for your home. This will help you get the most training you will need for scenes like in Forest Gump when he runs across the United States.

Other ways to get training for your movie scenes could include taking up boxing. There are many gyms that catered to the elite movie stars and train them for all the different scenes they have to do. Many movie stars like to do their own scenes instead of hiring a stunt double, this gives them training in different things, and they learn something new and sometimes find they like it. But some actors do stunt doubles which is perfectly acceptable in the movie industry. Some actors that don’t use stunt doubles are Jackie Chan, Sylvester Stallone, Natalie Portman, and Vin Diesel just to name a few. They enjoy learning new things for the characters. Jackie Chan is a well-known martial arts master and has always taken part in his stunts. He has been trained for many years and knows the right and wrong ways to do martial arts and stunts. Lots of times you won’t even be able to tell there is a stunt double in movies. They resemble the original actor so much and when there are face scenes you will see the original actors face instead of the stunt doubles. Stunt doubles come from all lines of work such as demolition, martial arts, kick boxing, car drivers, body doubles, and many more. Stunt doubles are paid pretty well and even get their names in the credits of the movies they participate in. If you are trained in a special field and find you would like to be a stunt double there are many agencies in Los Angeles that will help you get work.

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