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Health Strategies That Should Be Available On Film or Documentary

We all want to live healthy lives, stay in shape, and look and feel good.  But this isn’t an easy feat.  It is so hard to find good and credible health advice in a world where so many fitness and health experts deliver contrasting advice.  Some say it is good to eat red meats, others […]

Chase and Fulfill Your Dream of Making a Film


Point of view shooting can be hard as it is, but when you are trying to encapsulate some incredible adventures, it gets tough. What are adventures without some thrill and danger?It is the reason why POV shooting fails here. Especially when it comes to bike adventures, POV shots can be extremely dangerous to capture. Do […]

Documentaries about Trash and Waste

The increasing amount of garbage in the world’s landfills is a well-known issue.  Not only do these films aim to change how we look at our planet, and how we manage our waste, they often make interesting recommendations on how to help.  While the traditional recycle, reduce, reuse adage still applies, some of these take […]

Let’s Talk About Energy | A Look at Energy in Documentary Film and Television

Most people understand the importance of energy in our world.  Whether it is expanding electricity into underdeveloped areas, or concerns about which forms of energy are used, the discussion of energy can be a contentious one.  If you are interested in seeing some of the best works in documentary film that dare to tackle the […]

Water Sports in Documentary Film

Documentary films have explored a wide variety of activities that people participate in for recreation, and water-based sports are no exception.  Whether you have been swept away by the newer paddle board craze, prefer to raft down the winding rivers across the country, or are a long-time surfer, there has been at least one documentary […]

Healthy Eating Advice from Documentary Film

Most people know that healthy eating is a fundamental requirement to an overall healthier life, but determine exactly what changes to make can be a challenge.  If you are looking for information on healthy eating, and you don’t know where to begin, consider watching the following documentary films as a starting point for your healthy […]

The Story behind the Sewing Hope Film

Sewing Hope, a documentary film, tells the story of an initiative, brought to life by Sister Rosemary and Rachelle Whitten, which focused on helping women and children in the aftermath of the war in Uganda.  The goal was to empower them by teaching them various usable skills, empowering them to earn a living on their […]