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How Filmmakers Can Choose A Facial Brush for Acne Prone Skin

If you have an acne prone skin, you are probably aware that the toolblush that you use has a direct impact on the kind of results that you will get. If you suffer from acne, the hygiene of your skin matters and that therefore means that the tools you use are very important. When dirt […]

Adverse Effects of Not Looking After Your Skin

When we discuss skin care neglect, we’re not talking about how you let your skin get damaged on purpose all the time. Sometimes, it happens without us noticing or because we’re not careful enough. Nonetheless, it happens. You would have seen several YouTube videos and other videos on the net that feature people who currently […]

Spreading Awareness about Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is not that uncommon and is something that most people are at a risk of getting, all because of the amount of exposure to the sun that they get. It is extremely important to try and shield yourself from the harmful UV rays, and to encourage our children and loved ones to do […]