The 5 best films every humanitarian should watch

There are those films that just leave us with a feeling of nostalgia and that leave us in touch with our humanitarian side. These films might be hard-hitting but incredibly necessary to watch. Not only do they portray history, they also allow us a first person view of events that occurred during a hard and trying time in someone’s life. Everyone feels a bit of sadness when watching these films and it is recommended to have a box of tissues on hand. The part that makes these movies so touching is that they cover real-life events. Here is a list of 5 movies that really touches your humanity.

The 5 best films every humanitarian should watch

Hotel Rwanda

This movie is hard-hitting to say the least. You will live through a time of turmoil and tragedy that occurred in Rwanda during the unrest between the Hutu’s and the Tutsi’s. The movie represents a time of war where one brave individual turns a hotel into a sanctuary for the oppressed. In this scary and tragic time 50,000 to a 100,000 innocents lost their lives. It is a gripping film to say the least. Click here to read more about this terrifying time in Rwanda.

Schindler’s List

This masterpiece is the tragic and heroic story of a German businessman who saved thousands of Jews during the time of the holocaust. He gave many of them jobs in his factory which kept them safe from the horror in the concentration camps. It is a sore point for many but seeing a movie that shows us a point of light in a dark situation helps a lot.

The stoning of Soraya M

It is a tragic story about a woman in Iran who gets murdered by her husband and the community. Her husband wants to marry another woman and while she doesn’t want to give him the divorce he wants he gets vindictive and starts spreading rumors about infidelity. This causes mayhem for Soraya which results in her brutal death by stoning.

Boys don’t cry

This film shows female choosing to live as a male in a time and town where it is incredibly dangerous and not liberal at all. This film is tragic and sad but portrays the hurt and confusion that comes with this difficult lifestyle. Prepare to cry even if boys don’t cry. To get through this you might want to get hold of an adult coloring book and a gel pen or two which will increase your mindfulness and calm you down.


It is a beautiful and deeply moving film about slaves that are discovered on a boat. We get a closer look at what they had to endure on their journey of horror on the slave ship and then see how difficult it is for them to communicate in a foreign country and in a position where they have to defend themselves while not being able to speak or understand English. Click here to read more about La Amistad.

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