Filmmakers’ challenges – choosing the right apparel and shoes for various scenes.

Indoor Cycling


When filming movies, depending on the genre, the scenes may be so varied, that the filmmakers, along with the crew need to think of all the details that need to be included and addressed in each. While some scenes and movies in general may be easy to create and film in, others require research and many cuts, to reach the result that the producers are looking for. Indeed, the success of the movie largely depends on the actors’ ability to portray emotions and recreate real life situations, everyone knows that the overall setups, as well as the clothes and shoes that the actors wear contribute to the overall credibility and ratings of the movie, and what criticism mistakes in scene settings can create.

When filming contemporary movies, oftentimes directors recreate scenes that people all over the world can relate to, either people at work, or eating at a restaurant, and even exercising. Who would think that even the smallest details like the shirts that people wear during these scenes and the workout shoes play a great role in the movie. Since movies usually show the latest trends and activities that are considered to be most popular, in the recent years we have seen many showing people exercising, in particular either doing indoor cycling or riding their bike outside.

Indoor cycling, also known as cycling aerobics, has gained a lot of popularity and recognition, even in the movies in the recent years. It is a kind of fitness program, which is taught as a group class, by an instructor, who watches and makes sure that everyone does and performs the exercise correctly, The instructor is responsible for creating a certain emotional state, helps create an atmosphere of a bicycle race or a nice ride outside. The history of spinning started in 1995, when a famous athlete and cyclist Johnny Goldberg developed a special fitness program called Mad Dog Athletics and an indoor bike, on which this exercise was to be practiced. This specific workout stimulated a real outdoor race experience, with the feeling of the wind, up and down-hill movements and even butterflies. Soon after this, the competitors caught on this new idea and started developing workouts of their own, some of which became Cycle Reebok, RPM and Power Racing.

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There are a couple of things you need to purchase the correct garments and shoes, especially those that will be worn in the movie, as people will recognize the mistakes with these immediately. When it comes to clothes, it is best to provide the actors something that is not too loose, or too right for that matter. There are special cyclist pants that are designed specifically for cycling, and these have extra padding at the bottom and on the inner thighs, as these areas may sometimes get bruises during the intensive exercises, and complaining actors are never a favorite situation. When it comes to shoes, these vary from the ones you would normally use for aerobics or even jogging. The shoes need to be flexible, yet have a thick, steady sole to provide enough support and balance for your body. They must also be breathable and fit  your feet exactly. There are some indoor cycling shoes that are ideal for spinning and will enhance your experience during the classes.

Whether filming a scene from the gym, or even a simple workout at home, it is important to consider all the details and what any other person would wear, in order for this scene to be as realistic as possible. This can be achieved with the right garments and footwear, especially when one of the sponsors of the show is a well-known apparel brand.


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