The Importance of Bookkeeping for Entertainment Industry

The film and entertainment industry is definitely one of the largest and exciting industries present, but it’s also one of the most challenging. Usually, one of the greatest challenges the filmmakers and entertainment companies encounter is the issue about finances. This is the very reason why most are hiring qualified professionals in order to make sure that they operate within their production budget and generate profits.

If you’re an independent filmmaker working with small projects or a student wanting to be successful in the field, then you should also consider hiring a professional accountant or a bookkeeper. But why do you need a bookkeeper if you only work with a few staff and think that you can do it yourself?

bookkeeper in entertainment industry

Well, bookkeeping may really look like a great cost and time waster, but it is a silent factor that can either make or break your filmmaking dream. If you really want to complete a successful project and ultimately get noticed in the field you are pursuing, then you better start taking bookkeeping seriously.

What is bookkeeping? Well, this is actually just a smart part of accounting or financial management, but it’s very crucial in your business survival. This is basically about keeping and maintaining financial records, which include assets record, payroll records, cast receipts, credit purchases, cash payment vouchers, sales invoice, tax files, cash books, and bank transactions.

To enlighten you more, here the reasons why you should consider hiring a bookkeeper soon:

  • Bookkeepers can take care all your financial-related tasks, such as paying bills, making budgets, and processing payroll. Depending on their specialty, they can also perform other administrative duties. When you hire a bookkeeper, you no longer need to worry about these duties, helping you save time and concentrate more on your projects.
  • As we know, dealing with financial records can be daunting and challenging, this is especially true if you don’t have enough knowledge in the field. Hiring a bookkeeper will save you the hassle of dealing with those complicated stuff; hence, you can use your time for more other important things.
  • Filmmaking is challenging. There are moments, especially when things become hectic, that you will never have the time to think about other things or even care for yourself. You tend to ignore receipts, lose other financial statements, and miss your obligations, including filing of taxes and making payments, which is costly and leads to more problems. When you have a bookkeeper, you can ensure that all your financial statements are kept well, and all your payments, including loans, taxes, and rents are paid on time.
  • Bookkeepers also help you make sound financial decisions that are crucial in the growth of your business.

Bookkeepers are indeed crucial for any business, either big or small. So I recommend you to hire your own bookkeeper or accountant, especially if you don’t have a background in accounting. Sure, this may cost you a bit at the beginning, but eventually, you’ll realize that the amount is well worth it. To know more about it and get a free quote, visit

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