The Top Talking Cars That Ever Existed on TV

Anyone that decides to make a movie about a talking car has two major characteristics; a serious love for vehicles and a great sense of humor.  Most of these legendary talking cars provided viewers with hours of great fun, great laughs and great entertainment.  But the fun doesn’t have to end the TV.  CarVision is an award winning car dealership that has been in business for 20 years and they certainly did not lose their sense of humor over these long years.  Everything from their service to their marketing is proof of CarVisions supreme sense of humor and their will to connect with customers.  Where else will you find a car dealership that uses puppets to explain all the fine detail about their available vehicles?  If you are in the mood for modern car humor then this is definitely the best car dealership to check out right now.

The Top Talking Cars That Ever Existed on TV

The top talking cars in movie world

It would be absolutely fantastic to own a car that could talk to you while you drive.  Sure, the GPS is already a step towards talking cars but still a long way off from having a real conversation with your car.  Here are the top cars come to life on TV that delighted thousands of viewers

Kit – Kit was the hit of the show ‘Knight Rider’ in the 1980’s.  This fantastic car did much more than just talk; it was also a super spy that was specially developed by the Knight Industries to fight crime along with his rider, Michael Knight.

Herbie – Herbie is from the 1968 movie The Love Bug.  This movie may be old but everyone still knows and loves Herbie.  The little Volkswagen Beetle was a fast little race car that stunned the world by winning races against dedicated race cars but it is the sheer humor and journey of this little car and it’s driver that captivated everyone.

Christine – This 1958 Playmouth Fury is not a car you mess with and her driver should be handled with ultimate respect or she will find you… and kill you.  This horror based on a Stephen King story is definitely something to see and this talking car is someone you will probably remember for the rest of your life.

Alex – Alex is an average teen from the movie ‘Turbo Teen’ that has the ability to transform into a Corvette whenever he gets too hot.

MegaWeapon – MegaWeapon is a gigantic truck with lots of armor, weapons and even a cow-catcher in the front from the 1983 film; ‘Warrior of the Lost World’.  This truck doesn’t say much and is actually the bad guy since he is constructed to enslave and kill the human population.

Benny – This talking taxicab from the 1988’s film ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit?’ has the magical ability to instantly appear every time you stick out your thumb.  He will take you anywhere you need to go and he enjoys a chat throughout the drive.

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