The treasure of humanity

We are human beings and that means that we are not perfect, everyone makes mistakes but letting go of your humanity isn’t the best thing. We are not meant to be selfish and if you find that you haven’t been the most charitable or giving version of yourself you might need to do some soul searching. If you are filled with a void that cannot be filled with materialistic satisfaction it is a sign that you need to wake up and give way to your inner philanthropist.  Here are a few ways to get back your humanity.

The treasure of humanity

See the good in your surroundings

Unfortunately with daily life pressures we have allowed ourselves to give up on good faith. The great part about being human is that we are able to restore our faith in people and in the fact that the world is generally good. If you find yourself in that dark space of believing that there really is nothing good and real to believe in make time to find the good again.

Take a breath of fresh air

It is scientifically proven that pollution is not only bad for the environment but also for you, your brain and your moods! Read more. Get hold of an air-purifier to get rid of the bad air that you are breathing every day which might contribute to bad decisions and depression. Take a look at a few air purifier recommendations to help you choose the best one and get rid of the smog in your brain.

Spend more time with your loved ones

We are all like rats running a race to maintain our daily lives. This unfortunately means that quality family time is a thing of the past. Take time away from your busy schedule and spend time with your family. Get involved in fun activities that include everyone. Have a karaoke evening, a family picnic or anything that brings everyone close together. In your journey of soul searching you would need to involve those around you that you love and need to be a support system on your path of self-discovery. Play with your pets more often, engage in your kid’s lives instead of just lending a limited ear. Go away for a romantic weekend with your partner to light up that flame of romance again.

Focus on giving and not receiving

Find a cause that you believe in and contribute. Charity is good for the soul and nothing will bring you back to humanity like giving to the less fortunate. You only need to experience the high of being a humanitarian once to be yourself again. Read more about how good it is for you to contribute to those that aren’t as privileged as you. Visit a soup kitchen and volunteer, collect toys for the little ones that don’t have any or help animals in need. Make the most of your free time by donating it to others that need you. A real smile is given with gratitude.

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