The Trendiest Home Transformations for Movie Lovers According To Interior Designers?

If you want to know what is the best possible home transformations for your home and especially for the homes of movie lovers then you should definitely consider what interior designers do.  Interior designers are the ones who are setting the trends to some of the best looking homes, buildings and businesses and can give you the best possible advice on how to get your home transformed for the ultimate hip and trendy style.  When you follow advice and insights by these trendsetters you are sure to have the most modern and up to date style for your home that anyone would be completely jealous off.

What is hip according to Juan Pablo Molyneux?

According to Juan Pablo Molyneux, the one thing that most home and apartment owners want in their homes is a hidden home entertainment or home theatre system.  The hippest way to transform any room in your home is to make it seem like there is no technological devices in the room at all.  And when you suddenly hit a button or two…Bam! Out comes the projector and live music from the hidden surround sound system or out comes the huge flat screen TV set.

The Trendiest Home Transformations for Movie Lovers According To Interior Designers?

Why Molyneux’s opinion regarding home entertainment is so important?

Juan Pablo Molyneux is one of the world’s most famous interior designers.  He has his very own design firm and he is known for creating the best and most unique transformations all over America, Europe and even the Middle East.  Molyneux is basically the celebrity of all interior designers and he is living the ultimate dream life because he has his own business, he gets to travel a lot, he lives in ultimate luxury and his work is sought after by celebrities and even sheiks.  If Juan Pablo Molyneux tells you it is hip to have a hidden away home theatre then you better believe him!

Top ways to hide away your home entertainment system

A hidden room – One of the easiest ways to create a hideaway home theatre is to create a hidden room in your home.  You can hide a room away behind a huge painting that opens into a mini home theatre with the click of a button.

Disguise your TV set – There are some surprisingly easy ideas on how to hide or disguise even the biggest of TV sets so no one will ever even know you have a TV.  You can build your TV set into a cupboard with sliding doors, hide it away behind mirrors or a work of art or perhaps even get some blinds to conceal your huge flat screen TV.  If you are more into disguising your TV set then you could always frame your TV set and make it look like a fireplace by getting a screen saver on to play on your TV set which will make your home look and feel gloriously cozy.

Get a pop up TV set – There are plenty of ways to get your TV set to pop away while you are not using it simply because the flat screen TV sets takes up so little space.  Just think of how fantastic it could be if your TV set could descend from the roof and if all of your surround sound speakers could lift from their hiding place in the wall with just a click of a button!

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