Tips for Creating a Wedding with Artistic Appeal

As an artist, you are probably incredibly focused on detail.  This means that your wedding planner is going to have one heck of a challenge at creating the perfect wedding.  But like all things, even the perfect artsy wedding is entirely a possibility.  You are likely packed with creativity and your wedding is bound to stand out from the weddings of all of your relatives.

Here are a few tips for creating a wedding with great artistic appeal – just in case you are struggling with a bit of artist’s block.

Tips for Creating a Wedding with Artistic Appeal

Tips for Creating a Wedding with Artistic Appeal

Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

Photography, like art, is art.  It is important to capture the fine detail of your wedding day so you can look back on these incredible memories.  Hire a professional for your Montreal wedding pictures and the entire due will seem much more like a work of art than a wedding.  Great quality wedding pictures is a lot more important than spending plenty of money on an expensive venue or an expensive dress.

Mini Paintings as Wedding Favors

As an artist, you will probably love this project and your guests sure will love to get a mini artwork that they can take home.  Instead of the usual cookies and candy wedding favors, go and stock up on those mini easels and paintings.  You can make a mini painting for each of your wedding guests to take home as a favor.

Portrait Painting of the Couple

Paint a massive portrait of you as a couple and put this in a central area at your wedding.  The portrait painting will be a fantastic decoration at your wedding and is sure to attract plenty of attention from all of your guests.

Art Table for Kids

Most wedding couples today are all too happy to create a kiddies table at their wedding.  Children can get together and have some fun while the adults are enjoying friends of their own age.  To bring out the art vibe at your wedding you can create a kids art table.  Get a canvas, paintbrush and some paint for each seat.  This will keep kids very busy during the wedding and it will be very interesting to see what all the children paint.

Watercolor Wedding Cake

Watercolor wedding cakes are very trendy right now.  Ask your local baker about a watercolor cake.  These cakes are beautiful and each one is guaranteed to be 100% unique.  The fact that it is a work of art also means that it will fit perfectly with your wedding.

Fingerprint Guest Book

Instead of asking everyone to write a message in the guest book, get a big canvas tree and ask everyone to dot down their fingerprints in the paint and to sign it.  By the time all your guests have signed, your tree will be filled with colorful leaves.

Watercolor Paint Invites

Get your wedding invitations printed on plain paper and do your own décor by adding watercolor paintings to these invitations.  It will be great fun to make them all and each invite will be 100% unique.

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