Tips to Producing a Low Budget Film

Many people dream of making it to the silver screen but getting the opportunity to show off their acting skills becomes a challenge. One of the best ways of throwing yourself into the limelight is by producing your own film. This, however, could be hampered by the high costs of producing good quality films. In this article, we are going to take a look at some tips to producing low budget films.

Tips to Producing a Low Budget Film

Tips to Producing a Low Budget Film

Set Up a Limited Liability Company

In order for you to look like a bona fide company, it would be best to set up a limited liability company.

This will legitimize you as a bona fide production company!

Become a DGA, SAG – AFTRA & WGAW signatory company

The next step is to make sure that your company is a signatory to the Directors Guild of America (DGA), Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG – AFTRA), Writers Guild of America West (WGAW). This is because being a signatory to those organizations will give your company access to a better cast and crew.

Do an Audit of Your Resources

You need to take note of what you have that you can use for the film. This can include crew, equipment, locations, costumes, caterers and any other resources which you can include in the script. This is the right time to call in those favors you’re owed if you have worked on other people projects, or anything else. do you have that can be integrated into your script.

Write what you own

Don’t use scripts whose rights you don’t own, as that could land you in trouble. Avoid property with encumbrances.

Write what you can film

You need to be creative and have the mind of a producer. This means having realistic budgets. It also calls for keeping away from night shoots, too many locations, complicated special effects, and extreme weather such as storms. This can make the filming take longer, making the budget shoot up.

Avoid Copyrighted Characters, Logos & Trademarks

Whether they are superheroes, costumes, or anything that is copyrighted, it is time to avoid and be original. Using them could incur additional costs.

Keep Your Script Short

The shorter the script, the better. Let the audience fill in the gaps instead of explaining everything to them in detail.


Keep the locations minimal. As a matter of fact, it would be best to have just one location. This reduces on commuting, permits, and time. If you must have multiple locations, ensure that they are as close to each other as possible.


Keep the cast as small as possible, possibly less than 10. Background actors can act in exchange for meals or copies of the film.

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By following the tips above, it is easy to produce a low budget film. The first step is setting up the company and insuring that it’s accounts are in order. Irena’s Bookkeeping can do that for you.

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