The Top 3 Best Dog Films and the Hair They Left Behind; or Didn’t

BEST DOG FILMSDog film fans will want to take a peek at this!  There have been many films starring dogs over the years, and it takes a special dog to make a special film.  Dogs can touch a part of human emotions so strong that even most humans can’t reach that place in one’s heart the way a pet can.   It’s not just the training a dog has either; all they ever really want is love.  The dogs mentioned here touched us with their skills but each bearing a piece of humanity.  In being able to touch our heartstrings that sometimes we think they are more human than some humans are.  They deserve a good back scratching for what they did to us in these movies.  Starting from the bottom, working our way to the number one dog movie of all time we’ll start off with:

#3 Benji – Did you know that the original Benji dog that reached out to human hearts in the early 70’s was a shelter dog?  This once unwanted dog became a star in a movie named Benji that came out in 1974.   In the movie he played a stray dog which is what he was before getting the part.  In the town he was a stray in, the neighbors would feed him and pet him, but he had his favorites.  Two children loved to feed him and pet and play with him and give him lots of loving attention.  Hook is that their parents didn’t want them having anything to do with the dog.  The kids get kidnapped and no one can find them.  Maybe Benji can find his beloved child friends.  It’s a must see and knowing that he was once a shelter dog gives it an extra special quality that hopefully people will see and start to take in shelter dogs.  Look at what they can accomplish with a little love. That’s all you need.  That and good dog hair vacuums.  I bet the shaggy little dog of love left behind some hair on the set during a hard day’s work!DOG FILMS PHOTO

#2 Beethoven – This enormous St Bernard dog makes its way into a family as a puppy and grows into the huge and oh so lovable dog we all know as Beethoven.  His name really was Chris however.  As Beethoven he works his way into our hearts as well as this family.  As time goes on though, there’s a situation between someone being up to no good and wanting to get their hands on Beethoven.  If you want to know how this interesting and addicting story turns out, it’s definitely worth finding a copy of.  I bet at the filming of this movie, they wished they had a place to go be it carpet or hardwood floors that he left a trail of hair that they could quickly vacuum up with ease.  They would need a place like to find a wonder tool to take care of the dog hair from the wonder dog Chris, or as we know, Beethoven.

#1 – Air Bud – This was a Golden Retriever named Buddy who played a basketball playing dog in the Air Bud movies.  Again in the movie we find a stray dog storyline.  The dog is found by a boy named Josh who learns that this dog can play basketball and they become friends.  See, the young boy’s father passed away and his family moves to a new town.  He has no friends and even though he loves to play basketball, he is too shy to try out for the team, so he spends his free time at the park playing basketball by himself where he meets Buddy and learns that Buddy has skills.  Then there is the plot twist when Buddy’s mean former owner steps in and tries to market these skills, is Josh going to lose his best friend?  Check this out for a fun family flick.

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