Top 5 recent popular documentary, 2014

Top 5 recent popular documentary, 2014

The initial months of the year 2013 was clouded with the fame of movies and documentaries. Not many are lovers of documentaries – however, it reveals fiction and non-fiction, so you can find a mix of various flavors of life in the documentaries. Though some people might find documentary very boring, it is one of the most popular form of media that people would want to use for communicating their message. If you are wondering how much does documentaries influence our life, then the proofs of the remarkable strength of the documentaries are very evident. With more and more people showing interest in the real life stories in the form of documentaries, going back to 2014’s top 5 popular documentaries are listed below in this article.


Though this is not a light hearted documentary, there is a pensiveness in the entire enterprise. The engaging portrait featured by the earth sculptor Ra Paulette who is the subject matter of the entire series displays an intricate, hand carved dwellings done on the Mexican sand stone cliffs. This documentary leads to a totally new meaning for the term we usually use as ‘man cave’. This is worth to be seen before believing blindly and the documentary does an amazing showcase of this wonderful art. The part of the documentary that shows Paulette’s process and output may be quite boring for some audience. However, it gets interesting when the commissioning clients interact with Paulette and follow the conflict between the business obligation and the artistic impulse.Watch the Official Trailer here

Facing Fear

Facing FearThis is a study of reformed forgiveness and prejudice in Los Angeles. This film is directed and produced by John Cohen and features the remarkable story of a gay man who is beaten brutally by the white supremacists gang in the street for over 25 years becomes homeless and yet comes face to face with his attacker in the Los Angeles’ Museum of Tolerance. The making of this scene is really touching. Cohen has imposed a portentous narrative style. The stories have been told in parallel while the principles have been separated and highlighted. Though this is just a 22 minutes featured documentary, the issues featured here would register in the minds of the public.Read more on people doing amazing things on youtube here

Karama Has No Walls

This Sara Ishaq’s movie has impressed the journalistic boundaries a lot influencing the tension and urgency of a thriller in the Yemeni Revolution in which 53 anti Government protesters have been killed when there was a violence triggered by snipers on the non-violent.

The Lady in Number 6

The Lady in Number 6Nicholas Read and Malcolm Clarke are the masterminds behind this formidable movie. This is a movie about a Holocaust survivor. Alice Sommer who was a 109 year old Czech concert pianist has shared her life story in a unquestionable way and featured the forgiveness of her oppressors. The movie story and the scenes are quite inspiring and moving.

Prison terminal

Prison terminalThis documentary is almost 40 min long and is emotionally and intellectually engaging. In this movie, documents and protected death of an ill prisoner Hall whose criminal story is questionable. It features the day to day realities, small and empathetic concessions of in-prison medical care and the relationships developed by his jail mates turned caretakers.

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