Top Four Electric Chair Movies

MOVIESWhat is it about the movies that sends electricity coursing through our veins? They’re tantalising, mesmerizing and glorifying. Watching a great movie is like getting a shock to the system. These four movies really are shocks to the system, as they’re our top four movies about electric chairs. Electricity is dangerous, you know, and if you need someone to fix yours, you should click here.

–       The Horror Show (House III), 1989

Possibly one of the worst movies of all time with one of the goriest executions ever. If you want to see classic 1980s special effects, then just check out the opening scene where Meat Cleaver Max is sentences to death by electric chair. They up the voltage, fry his brains, set him on fire and cause his veins to blow up. Yep, pretty disturbing stuff. It’s a pity the rest of the movie was a waste of time, but that opening scene is awesome gore.

–       Shocker, 1989

If you’d rather see an identical movie of a different name, try Shocker. It came out a couple months after the Horror show and, shock horror, deals with a death row inmate who is electrocuted to death and comes back to take his revenge. We can’t give them points for originality, but at least it’s a better movie than the Horror Show.

–       The Electric Chair, 1985

One of the oddest combinations of a comic and an electric chair, this movie with its grainy black and white film reel and languorous scenes, tells the story of a thoroughly unfunny stage comedian as he performs for a lethargic audience. Oh, and all the while he’s getting closer and closer to an electric chair. You can see where this is going. It’s an odd one, but there’s certainly layers of metaphor underneath the grain.

–       The Green Mile, 1999

Of course, any inclusion of electric chairs is going to talk about this classic. Based on a Stephen King novel and starring Tom Hanks, David Morse, Bonnie Hunt and Michael Clark Duncan to name a few, is an ode to prison, death row, the killing chair and innocence. Truly on of Hanks’ best performances, and one of our all time favourite movies .Oh and there’s a cute little circus mouse in it, too.


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