Turning Your Photos Into A Movie

Are you into taking photographs? A lot of people like the creative input that they can place in taking photos. Most people assume that taking pictures can be easy but these changes the moment that they try to take pictures themselves. Some people are naturally good at taking pictures of people at a magical moment. Not everyone has this talent and some people would have to work on their skills and do their best before they can take pictures that they can be proud of.

If you a photographer Calgary then there are times when you would like to do more than your usual photos. You would like to exert more effort so that you can reach your full potential. Aside from taking pictures of unlikely subjects, one of the things that you can do is to make your photos into a film.

Turning Your Photos Into A Movie

Not knowing how to do this should not stop you. As long as you are determined and you know that it will help you unleash your creative side, you can always turn your photos into a movie. Here is the process that you have to follow:

  1. You need to import the photographs into iPhoto.
  2. The new photos that you have uploaded will all be grouped together.
  3. Using iMovie, click on new project.
  4. Click on File then go to Project Properties.
  5. You should change the Initial Photo Placement so that it can fit in Frame. This will allow you to see each image with ease. If in case you have both landscape and portrait photos, then all of your pictures will all fit in the frame so they will all coincide with each other.
  6. Click on Photos Browser and choose Events.
  7. Drag the event that you have created on the photos browser so that you can add each photo to be part of the movie that you are creating.
  8. Remember to be patient because if you have placed a lot of photos, importing the pictures will also take longer than before.
  9. You would need to adjust the timing of each frame so that all of the photos will all coincide with each other. If you have photos of various scenes then the movie will look amazing.
  10. You have a choice to choose an automatic setting that can fit all of the photos that you are going to include in the movie or you may also choose to make some changes with each photo manually. This will depend on how much time you may have in creating your movie.

You will see that when you play the movie, it will be like the pictures that you have taken have come to life. It will look like a movie with the subjects moving slower than usual. A lot of people appreciate this type of movie.

Whether you are planning to do this for yourself because you would like to see your creation come alive or if you are going to make this as a gift, you know that it will not be disappointing to watch.

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