Useful tips for filming food

Filming food is a big part of the filming industry and believe it or not there is quite a bit of skill involved. Your ingredients and your completed dishes play a large part in filming food. Movement is incredibly important when filming food so steam rising from a dish will be ideal or even bubbles caused by boiling water. We think that food is purely still imagery but this is not the case. We need to make food come to life in order to film it accordingly. The devices we use can help with that for example the frothing caused by an electric whisk. And as previously mentioned we also play a part for example our hands touching food or playing with dough.

It is a known fact that no one will want to watch dough rise for hours so timing is everything. Compress as much of the film that you take in a short time. Food needs to look good enough to eat and should be filmed just right. Real time footage when preparing a dish is crucial so you would need to know what to cut out and what to show. Many cooking shows are done so well that you can almost smell the delicious masterpiece that is being prepared on your TV. Click here for more video editing tips.

Useful tips for filming food

Sound also plays a big part in any video or type of filming. It is important to add the right song, narration or kitchen sounds to your food documentary. Find what sounds right and add it to the video. This will just make your video livelier. Sound cannot be added to a photograph but should be added to any video. Make sure that you have the right filming equipment on hand to deliver the best possible footage. Take a look at the Burger Royal where you have an option to create your own burger. This is an online restaurant and ordering option that will give you exactly what you need on a night where cooking isn’t in the cards. These delicious menu items would look great if filmed on an HD camera. Food is colorful and beautiful and that is exactly why you need to take video with the best equipment you can afford.

You need to also make sure that you have the right setting and lighting to shoot the perfect video. As previously mentioned you will find it challenging to film a still item but you will be spoilt with all the color that you have to work with. Make the most of the natural light the sun provides and set your lighting just right. Take a look at important things such as the background and make sure that the basket of red apples you have on display in the kitchen looks good enough for Snow White to take a bite. Filming and photography is all about the setting, the equipment, the enhancement and finally the editing. Click here to learn more about lighting.

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