Videography hacks that can give amazing results

You would have seen the amazing bokeh’s, shadow effects, camera effects, lightbox effects etc. in videos and movies. The directors and producers use expensive equipment and editing software to get those results but what about amateur videographers and photographers, how can they get themselves recognized when they don’t have enough funds to get the required effects? To your surprise, there are amazing hacks that help you get world-class effects without even spending a penny. All you have to do is raid the garbage or old stuff closet in your home. Some of the best hacks are:

Videography hacks that can give amazing results

Videography hacks that can give amazing results


Yes! You heard me right. A bodyboard can help you get amazing effects especially if you are working on videos related to the ocean or river. Definitely! For this hack, you will have to have a waterproof camera. Fix your camera on the body board and let it surf through the ocean, you will be amazed what kind of sound quality and visuals you get.

If you don’t have a bodyboard, you can always buy one. They are available in reasonable quality and always help you with visual effects, so the investment is not in vain. The best boogie boards for kids list will also help you in deciding what kind of bodyboard you want. These body boards have high durability and last very long. Even when you are buying a body board for your camera, there are many things that you should consider.

The size of a bodyboard matters a lot since you are buying one for your camera, a small one will also do. Typically, body boards come in three different sizes. Small ones are usually inexpensive. After the size of a body board, the shape is what matters. Somebody boards are wide while others are narrow. Apart from the wideness, the tail of the body board also comes in various shapes and sizes. This helps in the movement of the body board.

The last thing to consider is the material of the board. It should be made of quality foam to maintain the buoyancy. If the board is very dense, you might not get the effects you are looking for as the board will tend to sink again and again.

Shadow effects:

Things like strainers, nets, translucent objects make ideal props for shadow effects. Putting a high beam of light behind the object and letting the light fall on the subject of the video gives very natural shadow effects. You can play with the distance, the intensity of light, place of light etc. to get some amazing shots.


Bokeh’s are a sensation in photography and videography nowadays. You would hardly find videos that don’t start or end on bokeh. How can you fit in yet give your video an edgy look? Well! Give your bokeh a shape. How to do that?

All you need is some black paper, scissors, and tape. Make a small tube that fits your camera lens, then take a circle of the black paper and cut the required shape in the center. Don’t make it too big. Stick the tube and circle piece together and put it on the lens. Point it towards the lights and voila! You have shaped bokeh.

Making a hazy or soft lens:

Having a hazy or soft look in the video at one point can give an edge to the video effects. You don’t have to use high-quality expensive filters for that, all you need is a plastic bag or a cling wrap. Put it on and around the lens but make sure you tear it at the center. When you shoot with this lens, it would give a very subtle yet edgy haze.

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