Ways to Make Money as a Musician

We a have dreams and ambitions. Some of us aspire to become musicians, others prefer to become employed. The options are endless, the main thing being that we enjoy what we are doing. Now, imagine being able to make money from something that you enjoy doing. In this article. We are going to take a look at ways to make money as a musician.


Streaming revenue

Streaming revenues is one of the ways that you can earn money as a musician, and despite the payouts looking small, over time they can accumulate into a substantial amount. Some of the music streaming platforms include Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

Live shows – original music

Live performances are some of the best ways to make money through music, and they are known to brin in up to a quarter of the overall income of most musicians. It is also through live performances that musicians can et to sell any merchandise that they might have, earning them even more money.

Live shows – Cover Songs

Cover songs are another great way of making money, some of the venues or occasions being weddings, parties, in bars, corporate events, and even restaurants. A good example is when you find a musician playing the piano in a restaurant as customers dine.

Live Shows – house concerts

Another way of making an impressive income is through house concerts. The prices for these concerts are usually higher with most of the revenue collected going straight to the performers.

Live shows – online

Online shows have gained a lot of popularity, especially in these days of the covid-19 pandemic, when people were restricted to their houses. Performers can broadcast from wherever they are, while their fans can livestream and enjoy the shows virtually.


Having merchandise that one can sell is another income stream for musicians. By merchandise, we refer to things such as T-shirts, caps, hoodies, etc. these can be sold at live show performances, their websites and social media pages, etc.

Digital Merchandise

This counts for digital content such as educational media, lyrics, etc, which are cheaper than the physical merchandise when it comes to production, inventory, etc.


As you start making money as a musician, you need to put things into place to make sure that all of your transactions are going smoothly, and one of those is by using a free invoice generator. This is where the Hiveage software comes in. this is a free online invoice creator which also does the following functions:

  • Requesting payments from clients
  • Tracking sales
  • Tracking stock and inventory
  • Forecasting and planning for the future in regards to past and present data
  • Record tax filings

This is an easy and convenient way of dealing with invoices when it comes to creating, scheduling, and sending for all kinds of businesses, including music artistes.


It is easy to make money from whatever you love if you follow the right channels, earning money through some of the methods documented above.

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