Ways to Promote Your Movie Rental Shop Effectively

Do you dream of starting your own business?  Then you simply cannot go wrong with a movie rental shop.  Everyone loves movie nights but not everyone can afford or has time for satellite TV or online streaming prescriptions.  With a movie rental you can supply all of these individuals who are looking for a bit of fun and a bit of entertainment with some terrific movies.  A movie rental is a great business to start because it isn’t hard work and you can continue to fuel your movie addiction when your shop is quiet.

Why effective promotion is important

All businesses needs good marketing to be successful but movie rentals has to put in a bit of extra effort in this field since they have a lot of competition in the form of online rental shops and cable or satellite TV.  If you don’t promote effectively then no one will ever know of your latest movies and no one will ever know of your great deals. They will simply look elsewhere for some movies when they are planning a movie night.

Ways to Promote Your Movie Rental Shop Effectively

Use bulk SMS to captivate your clients

One of the easiest ways to promote your movie rentals and to inform your clients of great news about your business or new content is to promote via Bulk SMS.  TextPlode is a great company that allows you to send bulk SMS’s easily and affordably.  You can instantly inform your clients of some new movies that just made their ways to your shelve or off some discounted deals to lure them to your shop.  The Textplode software is affordable and super easy to use.  You can instantly reach thousands of clients on your database in just minutes and share the latest specials or deals with them affordably.

Other ways to promote your business

  • Social media is another great way to promote a movie rental shop. Social media is free and you can easily share information on the latest specials and movies in your shop.
  • Mass email is another great way to promote your movie shop since you probably already have a lot of clients on your database.
  • Ad’s in the local newspaper is great for giving people your contact details and for informing them of your shop’s existence.

Be different with fun weekend packages

It is tough for movie rental shops to stay afloat now that the internet is making it so easy to access movies.  But you can beat the competition by simply offering packages and deals that your clients simply cannot ignore.  Your packages can include sets of movies for an entire weekend of fun or you can even throw in fun extras like popcorn, snacks, drinks and more.  By adding extra’s to your movies you can also earn even more from the snack and beverage sales.  You can also feature a drive in or outdoor movie night every now and then and earn a terrific income while you lure in more clients to your shop.

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