What Makes a Movie Great?

Do you honestly think that you still need to go to school and get extra education and courses to decide if a movie is good or not? You can decide on your own if you think that a movie is worth watching. Actually, there are some elements that you need to search for in order to decide if the movie is amazing.

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What Makes a Movie Great?

There are various elements that will make a movie great. These elements are the following:

  1. Characters – For people to become interested in a movie, the characters that they are going to use should fit well with the story line. There are some writers who sometimes have a hard time making their story work because they have chosen the wrong characters. Some movies may have great stories but because the characters are dull and uninteresting, the movie becomes bad.
  2. Story – This is highly evident. Would you watch a film that you are not interested in. If you have never liked horror films, will you try to watch a horror film on your own? It will be like you are torturing yourself.
  3. Powerful Openings – If there is one thing that you are looking forward to in movies, it is how the movie will open. It needs to be powerful enough to command your attention so that you will continue watching the movie for an hour or so. Some people stop watching movies based on the opening alone.
  4. Problem – All movies have issues and how strong the issues are can affect how great the movie is going to be. If the problem becomes too deep for a lot of people, they probably would not like it. If the problem seems non-existent, people will probably not see the need to spend their hard earned money on the movie.
  5. Realistic – Movies do not have to depict scenes that are happening in real life in order to be good but the scenes do need to coincide with each other so that the story will be fluid enough to be understood by the audience.

The things that are mentioned above are just some of the things, the elements that can make movies amazing. Do you agree with these things? Perhaps you can still think of other elements that you usually look for in movies that will help you decide if you absolutely love the movie or not.

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